Watch the Google Pixel 2 event in 19 minutes

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Watch the Google Pixel 2 event in 19 minutes

The company isn't afraid of launching their own accessories for their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but they understand how much value an extensive accessory ecosystem can bring. Held in sunny San Fransico, a huge crowd gathered amongst the audience and online.

Google has also closely partnered with Nest to create a line of products for home protection and safety, the company announced.

"What if smartphones were smarter and simpler?" The Pixel 2 and 2XL can do the same with its one lens, but while the effect of the other brands is made possible by the hardware, Google has achieved it with better software learning and AI capabilities.

The Google Play edition Android phone was introduced in the spring of 2014. It also has a higher screen resolution of.538 pixels per inch. These phones have fingerprint sensors at the back.

However, it appears the rumours were true as the devices will contain no headphone jack.

The two phones are successor to the Pixel and the Pixel XL that were launched past year. What is most noticeable about the Pixel 2 are the giant bezels both above and below the screen. Must to Google and HTC's chagrin, an apparent shipping issue has left the handset with the Snapdragon 835 - it's still a premium chip, but it's the same one virtually every flagship has offered in the past year.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus aren't exactly stunning either, but they look slightly slicker than the Pixels. Taking potshots at Apple iPhone, Google said that Home can search your Android device and ring it even if it is on silent mode.

They will be released in Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, U.K and November. This will present you with the time and date, as well as messages and notifications.

The star of the show, the Pixel phones, feature new augmented reality capabilities including AR stickers exclusive to the platform developed with media partners like Disney, the National Basketball Association and Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things".

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During the Pixel 2 presentation, Google also talked about some of its new projects powered by the ARCore platform (rebranded from Tango). Thanks to the "Always On" microphone.

Singapore is finally getting Google's Pixel smartphone. The cameras check all the boxes on high-end smartphone photography features.

Launching as a Pixel 2 exclusive at the moment, you will soon be able to add AR stickers into your videos to add a bit of zing to your social media content. The Pixel XL will sell for nearly $850, or $50 more than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Something both Apple and Google are focusing on this year is AR.

With the days of needing to store photo and video on film well and truly behind us, sometimes it can feel like the biggest challenge with a camera in hand is sorting the wheat from all the chaff. After a positive reception to its first family of products launched past year, the Alphabet-owned company has grown far more confident in challenging its main competitors Apple and Amazon, at several points taking not-so-subtle digs at their offerings. However, it only needs one camera to achieve flawless results.

The Pixel Buds also leverage Pixel owners with real-time translation via Google Translate, as well as easy one-touch pairing with Pixel devices or other phones running Android Nougat. Put two together, and they will interact with each other.

The devices will hit the sub-continent shores shortly after the global launch. It will also be available as a feature in the Google Assistant.

The smartphones will include an interesting feature called Motion Pictures. But users may also clip the camera onto an object and have Clips automatically record "stable, clear shots" of familiar faces set by the user, the company said.

Next, the devices will remove unwanted footage from this clip. The Pixel 2 is scheduled to go on sale in India on November 1 and the Pixel 2 XL will be available from November 15. Discovering its "smarter and simpler" features. Tell us in our poll below!

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