FBI Interviewing Las Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend

The Latest FBI Vegas shooter had no ties to terror group

FBI Interviewing Las Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend

Along the way, the brothers ate sushi and drank late into the evening, Eric Paddock recalled.

"We're still just completely befuddled".

What did Paddock's girlfriend say?

At least 58 people were killed and more than 500 were injured when a gunman opened fire on a the crowd at a country music festival overnight near the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, according to police.

"He had to have some help at some point", Sheriff Joseph Lombardo says.

During the rampage, a hotel security guard who approached the room was shot through the door and wounded in the leg.

Police also confirmed at the news conference that the shooter did not leave a suicide note.

"He was doing everything possible to see how he could escape", Lombardo said, declining to detail specifics. Several of the rifles had scopes of them.

In addition to the cameras, investigators found a computer and 23 guns in the hotel room. The gunman apparently had smashed out two windows to increase his range of targets. A law enforcement official confirmed the Federal Bureau of Investigation is present in Reno.

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While agents met Danley upon landing, she is not officially in custody and is free to go where she pleases. All but three of the dead had been identified by Tuesday afternoon. His employer, Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, said Melton was a registered nurse.

"They're learning a lot more, and that'll be announced at the appropriate time". "It's eerie and it feels odd to know that someone like that lives next door, or lived next door, you never know who you live next to", Leyby Cali-Garcia said.

Philippines immigration bureau spokesperson Antonette Mangrobang said the local authorities there were fully cooperating with US officials on the case. The 62-year-old was a live-in girlfriend of Paddock. "She probably was even shocked than us because she was more closer to him than us", one sister said. Over the course of that time, the shop sold Paddock five firearms.

Danley's sisters in Australia said in a TV interview there that they believe she couldn't have known about Paddock's murderous plans and that he must have sent her away so she wouldn't interfere.

"We do everything right ..."

"We are making arrangements to contact her upon her return", he said.

Authorities say the Las Vegas shooter had 1,600 rounds of ammunition and several containers of an explosive commonly used in target shooting that totaled 50 pounds in his auto.

Experts say Stephen Paddock did not fit the profile of a mass murderer as he was much older and wealthy, according to his family. Stephen Paddock, who lived in Nevada, followed up with a call to their mother.

"This one is somewhat different than numerous ones we've dealt with in the past, because we don't have any immediately accessible thumbprints that would indicate the shooter's ideology or motivation, or really what compelled him to get there", McCabe said.

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