Google Home Max Announced at Made by Google Event

Google Home Max Announced at Made by Google Event

Google Home Max Announced at Made by Google Event

It's Called Google Home Max, and it actually looks like a speaker, rather than some sort of weird plant pot. It supports "Smart Sound" technology, which auto-changes the sound balance based on where the user is standing in the room. This means that some Android devices might just now be receiving this new update. "We thought through every detail", Chandra raved.

I pre-ordered my Google Home device as soon as I could and was eager to start transitioning basic Google searches to voice commands.

It's already been heavily leaked, so it didn't come as much of a surprise, but the Google Home Mini is now official. "Parents are gonna love this feature", said Google Home lead Rishi Chandra. While the products have become smarter, Google has added a ton of functionality to its Assitant, which will now offer a more connected and secure household.

9to5Google found more pictures of the device from within the Google App, which you can see on the top of this news story.

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You'll find it available through other retailers on 19 October. Google had to settle for smaller drivers in the Mini which reduce the volume it can put out.

"It comes in three lovely colours, fits neatly into the palm of your hand, and is available for only £49, so is accessible for anyone wanting to build on or start their smart home for the first time". A mic switch on the bottom of the device lets you tell it to stop listening for the "Okay, Google" keyword when you don't want to use the virtual assistant. You'll also still be able to ask Assistant for the square root of Pi, what sound a Zebra makes, or to set a timer- all without lifting a finger.

Max also supports Cast, Bluetooth or stereo aux input. This feature will completely disable the notifications and sounds once the device has entered into this mode. "Kids are gonna hate this feature". You could get three Home Mini devices for the same price as the original unit.

The new features include ones like the newest one released, which is only for Preview Program users. It costs $249 in the United States and will be made available soon. Google Home devices can also be assigned to specific rooms, allowing for easier synchronization.

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