Google Home Max makes the Assistant blast music

We designed it to fit naturally in any room.

Both will happily play tunes, and on our first listen the Home Mini had the slight edge in sound quality.

According to reports, Home Mini will also sell for potentially as low as $24 at Walmart, which accidentally leaked photos and pricing info on the device before Google's event on Wednesday. While you have to make do with a mono speaker on the Echo Dot, on the Google Home Mini you have a 40mm driver that delivers 360 surround sound. The $399 Max speaker boasts 20 times the sound power compared to the Google Home. It will depend on different measurements that may be set by the user or the ambient sound in the room or surrounding.

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Google Home Mini is a larger version of Google Home, along with Google home Max. The device, called the Google Home Mini, will cost $49 and launches on October 19. The microphones are pretty impressive as well as Google claims them to be far field microphones that can capture your commands even while music is playing.

Google also unveiled its Google Home Max, the larger version of the Home. It's also a subtle way for Google to encourage customers to buy more than one Google Home device for their households. Google Home Max is the much more interesting and expensive device. Two 4.5-inch woofers surrounded by several tweeters are hidden beneath the fabric grille. Google is also collaborating with production houses such as Warner Brothers and Disney Pictures to bring customized experiences for children.

Google has baked in seamless operation with other Google devices and users can control them by just using their voice. The speaker will come with an ad-free subscription to YouTube Music for 12 months. It's equipped with Voice Match as well which means it can recognise your voice and give you personalised information. Google Home also offers calling capabilities in the USA, and it will launch that feature later this year in the UK.

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