Catalonia: 90,18% of "yes" to independence

An unviable Catalonia

Catalonia: 90,18% of "yes" to independence

The session was set up at the request of pro-independence parties JxSi (Together for Yes) and left-wing CUP, and Puigdemont set to make an appearance, with rumours abound that he would declare independence, prompting the Spanish Constitutional Court's subsequent suspension of the plenary session.

In the fallout from a chaotic referendum, the chief of Catalonia's regional police was questioned in court on Friday on suspicion of sedition against the state.

Further, on Friday evening, Puigdemont is expected to meet with an "independent commission for mediation and dialogue". Some centuries later, in 1359, a formal Government of Catalonia, the Generalitat, was born.

However, the IMF has kept its growth forecast for Spain this year unchanged at 3.1%.

Trapero said he did not recognise the jurisdiction of the Spanish High Court because he believed he did not commit any crimes. "I don't recognize the authority of this court over this", he said. The issue was an internal matter, it said, to be dealt within the constitutional order of Spain.

Political groups such as the New Flemish Alliance, a nationalist, conservative group which is dominant in the Belgian parliament, advocate a gradual secession of Flanders from Belgium.

Like Catalonia, the Basque Country has its own language and distinct culture.

Demonstrations are planned in the capital Madrid and other cities, with supporters calling for a similar rally in Catalonia's capital Barcelona.

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Their main concern is that they may no longer be covered by Spanish and European Union laws and rights if Catalonia manages to secede and they remain based in the region. If Madrid didn't intervene, Catalonia would declare independence on the strength of a referendum in which only a minority of the population, almost all Catalan-speakers, voted.

SPAIN could descend into a bloody civil war over the crisis in Catalonia, a top EU official has warned. That said, the market-calming outcome of the French election means there is lower political risk now than at the start of 2017.

Local officials said they had formed a committee to help reassure companies unnerved by the prospect of a break from Spain, and answer questions about the region's current economic and political situation. "When I saw the faces of my parents and the elderly watching the brutality take place on Sunday, it was as if they had seen a ghost". "We are apolitical. But we do have a responsibility to warn of the economic costs of uncertainty and instability".

Spain - one of Europe's oldest countries - has existed with more or less the same borders for some 500 years.

The revelations come as Catalonia, a northern region of Spain, independence campaigners are fighting to leave Spain following an "illegal" referendum on October 1. Similarly, the Catalan region is wealthy, and those who support the independence movement actually do not want to support and pay for the poorer regions of Spain.

Mlio not remove the responsibility from the Catalan government for conducting illegal voting on Sunday.

Meanwhile, reports also pointed out that the referendum has exposed deep divisions in Catalonia - with some 90 percent of voters backing a split from Spain but turnout remaining only about 42 percent.

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