Google Home Mini and Google Home Max smart speakers announced

Google Home Mini and Google Home Max smart speakers announced

Google Home Mini and Google Home Max smart speakers announced

The Google Home Mini carries almost the same features as the Google Home. At the heart of the Google Home Max is the new AI powered Smart Sound system that adapts to home conditions on the fly. The Home Max will retail for $399 and will be available in the month of December. Well, it's tiny. It looks kind of like a jelly-filled doughnut.

Thanks to the Google Assistant you'll also be able to ask the name of songs, just by humming the tune.

Pre-orders for the Home Max open on November 13.

Don't expect big sound out of the new Google Home Mini - the diminutive size means this is more focused on being a voice assistant than being a killer speaker. Except for its smaller, curvier design and fabric casing, all the functionalities remain similar to that of the Google Home smart speaker.

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Since its tiny, we don't think it will sound as good as the larger Google Home. Sadly unlike Bluetooth speakers which can operate without power you do have to plug it in two a power source just like the Google Home Mini. However, there's no headphone jack like the Amazon Echo Dot. The material used on the Google Home Mini was created by Google from the scratch.

Google Home Mini grants you can control of your Chromecast streaming devices, access to Google Play Music, and YouTube. Two Google Home Max speakers can be configured as the left and right speakers. And it seems to be packing the specs to give the HomePod a real run for its money. On the inside are tucked four sound drivers in total - two 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers for solid bass and two 0.7-inch tweeters to handle the high frequencies.

Orientation doesn't matter, and Max will readjust itself based on how you position it and whenever you move it. Google Assistant is also getting a new feature called Broadcast, which allows you to send out alerts to all Google Home devices in your home, acting like a very basic intercom system. With far-field microphones, Mini can hear the user even when there is music playing or there is other noise in the background.

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