Spain vows to stop Catalan independence declaration

Spain vows to stop Catalan independence declaration

Spain vows to stop Catalan independence declaration

"I've been watching that unfold, but it's actually been unfolding for centuries".

The Catalonia national team started playing football in the early 1900's.

That would further enrage Catalan protesters, who say they are being repressed by Spain. Despite how much they are incited, and despite how much they (the Spanish authorities and security forces) want them to fall into the trap, they have demonstrated peacefully and sung loud and clear. In public administration, nobody is hired unless they speak Catalan - same situation for professors or doctors. But I think that the people would be very much opposed to that.

Neither do most of the educated Catalan population.

Barcelona are joining a strike to protest against the Spanish government's actions in Catalonia's independence vote.

Over on the upmarket Paseo de Gracia boulevard, visitors milled in front of architect Antoni Gaudi's quirky Casa Batllo, closed as its employees also took part in the general strike.

With the Catalan parliament expected to declare independence in the next days, leaders stressed that talks are needed urgently.

Back in November 2014, Artur Mas organised a consultation on independence.

She refused because "the store is not mine, otherwise I would have shut it, to defend human rights".

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Shops were closed, universities halted classes and transport companies ran reduced services as supporters of Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain attempted to maintain the momentum from Sunday's vote. The strike was called in protest against "the grave violation of rights and freedoms" during Sunday's ballot which was declared illegal by the Madrid government.

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel stood strong declaring "violence can never be the answer - we condemn all forms of violence and reaffirm our call for political dialogue" but he has been an exception rather than a tone-setter.

Puigdemont has vowed to act on the results regardless of the legality of the referendum.

The Spanish Government, he said, was counting on the Catalan police to remove people from voting places, but the regional officers just stood by with their arms folded.

Donald Tusk, the former Polish prime minister who chairs summits of European Union national leaders, said after his own conversation with Rajoy that he shared the Spanish premier's constitutional arguments but also appealed to him to find ways to prevent a further escalation and the use of force. That is why I did not travel to Barcelona last weekend.

"I personally feel like crying when I see that, in a country where we have known how to live together and be a good example around the world", Nadal told reporters.

Pique has been vocal in his support of Catalonia's attempts to secede from Spain, prompting a backlash from those who fall on the other side of the argument. How are Catalans supposed to improve relationships with the rest of Spain after being attacked in a dictatorship fashion by what they call the same nation?

I am a strong supporter of second chances but after that, it is going to be hard for me.

The irony of the current situation is that if the Spanish government had learned the lesson from the United Kingdom and not tried to prevented the referendum from going ahead then the Catalan people would likely have voted NO to Independence.

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