Police called after McDonald's Rick and Morty promo turns ugly

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Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

On Saturday, thousands of Rick and Morty cartoon fans were promised the special dipping sauce at McDonald's restaurants across America.

The fast-food chain brought back it's rare Szechuan sauce for a one-day promotion on Saturday (local time).

McDonald's planned to release "extremely limited" quantities of Szechuan Sauce for one day only on October 7.

But when they said limited, they meant limited - and fans were not happy, with many venting their anger on social media.

Back in April, the mostly-forgotten McDonalds Szechuan sauce was given new exposure with the adult swim cartoon Rick and Morty.

At a restaurant in Newark, angry customers held up protest signs to demand the sauce they had come for.

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Twitter user Joey Flash tweeted at McDonald's saying the sole location carrying the sauce in St. Petersburg, at 300 38th Ave.

People lined up for hours on Saturday waiting for the famed sauce and were extremely disappointed to find out they had no chance at getting any.

Since the whole debacle happened, people who did manage to get their hands on the sauce have posted it on eBay looking for a quick buck or two. 7, you can get the sauce in select McDonald's locations around the country. We know they have a lot of passion for the sauce, but we were only able to provide a limited quantity of dipping packets.

The Sweet Home location, located at 3400 Sheridan Dr., was one of the few locations in the Buffalo area to get the sauce.

A McDonald's promotion targeting fans of the cult TV show Rick and Morty has gone disastrously wrong, after police dispelled chanting mobs seeking the chain's fabled Mulan McNugget sauce. We want to know, did you get this limited sauce? Rick admits to have developed an obsession over it and vows that "in 9 seasons or 97 years I'll receive more Szechuan sauce." .

"Szechuan sauce is coming back once again this winter", a statement from the company reads.

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