Stephen Paddock and the Las Vegas massacre: A timeline

Police on Monday had a street near the shooting scene blocked off

Monday had a street near the shooting scene blocked off

After investigating several cases found in Paddock's vehicle, police found 10 one-pound containers of Tannerite, two 20-pound containers of Tannerite, and approximately 1,600 rounds of ammunition.

The room featured a large sitting area with floor-to-ceiling windows, an open sitting area and a TV screen built into the bathroom mirror. The group of those killed had assembled with thousands of other dedicated country music fans who were excited to see Jason Aldean's Route 91 Harvest Fest set.

Paddock had been staying in the palatial suite since Thursday, police said. At some point, Paddock fired through the door and hit a security guard in the leg, he said, adding that the guard is expected to survive.

The dead included one off-duty police officer, Lombardo said.

They found 23 firearms inside the 32nd floor room, where Paddock had killed himself before cops arrived.

The number of concert-goers injured in the mass shooting has gone down by "maybe 20" people, owing to a "double count error at one of the hospitals" to which victims were taken.

The gunman was a multi-millionaire who made his fortune investing in real estate and was an enthusiast of video poker and cruises.

Investigators are looking into whether something occurred in October 2016 that compelled him to begin purchasing weapons.

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A total of 47 guns have been recovered from three locations: Paddock's hotel room and his two Nevada homes in Verdi and Mesquite. While he had been buying guns for years, Paddock purchased a majority of them (33) over the past year.

But based on his activities leading up to the concert, authorities say Paddock may have been planning the shooting for months.

Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, is back in the United States after a weekslong trip overseas, and is at the center of the investigation into the mass shooting. She has returned to the US for questioning.

The only unusual mark on Paddock's record so far is that his estranged father was once on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

- The big question on everyone's mind is the motive.

He had no criminal history beyond a citation that was handled normally.

Despite a claim from Islamic State, Paddock is not believed to have had any connection to any militant groups, leaving more questions surrounding his motive for committing the awful atrocity. He also declined to call the attack domestic terrorism.

- Paddock also wired $100,000 to his girlfriend in the Philippines in the days leading up to the attacks.

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