WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Results/Review; Epic Cell Matches

However, the Hell in a Cell match is always a sight to see and it should be a fun show regardless. They don't have that issue this time as this ought to be a great deal of fun. If you're ever unsure of which buzzword matches which structure, please consult your JBL/Michael Cole handbook. It was also a decent length going for 22 minutes. In this case, as it is in many cases, we look to Shane McMahon. On multiple occasions, he'd perform death-defyng moves.

At one point, Owens set Shane up on a ringside announce table, then climbed to the top of the Cell.

JOHN POWELL: It is time for the Queen to take her throne and this match is sure to be one of the best of the night. Last week he hit Vince McMahon badly and wants to beat everyone McMahon member.

"They are more than just athletes". We now have a new main event tag team in the WWE, and they come from The Uso Penitentiary.

Tag Team Match of Kick off the Hell in a cell 2017 event and the Falls Count Anywhere match alike happens at 2016's Hell in a cell event will be happening amidst.

The WWE Network is available on WWE.com, PS3 or PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One, Sony Internet-connected TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Panasonic Life+Screen Smart TVs, Kindle Fire or Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS enabled devices and Android enabled devices. I'll go with The New Day to hang onto the tag straps. This was to settle their long-standing feud from SmackDown Live.

We're supposed to get a new installment of the Fashion Files, so hey, maybe we'll see Breezango wrestle someone!.Maybe.

This has been somewhat of an unusual feud. But hey, heat is heat.

According to Bleacher Report, Mahal's recent promos may have gone too far. So if you're exhausted of watching Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion you can either just watch Raw exclusively or you can wait until someone finally topples The Monder Day Maharaja and takes his prized championship. But hey, it's still foreign heel vs. foreign face; and that's progress, right?

Still, I'm going with my gut on this one. Both Roode and Ziggler have something to prove.

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Ziggler did all he could to put away the tough Bobby Roode.

What I like most about the match was how creative the teams were.

Baron Corbin, on the other hand, did not impress.

Kevin Owens' lengthy U.S. title feud with AJ Styles led to a lot of frustrations for the husky former champ and some of his arguments were legitimate. This can end up being a more intense rivalry with revenge on Styles mind. He registered his name in the history books by winning the first hell in a cell match against the Undertaker.

For weeks, United States Champion AJ Styles has lambasted challenger Baron Corbin for using shortcuts to win matches - cheating here or there, a cheap shot every now and then.

Natalya isn't a awful champion by any means, but we all know that Flair was drafted to SmackDown in order to win the title. They did insane things that also seemed believable and well thought out within the contexts of a caged brawl.

During a series of roll-up attempts by both wrestlers, Roode was able to get the win by grabbing Ziggler's tights and getting the three-count.

Regardless, enjoy Hell in a Cell. Look up the Triple H Booker T feud from Wrestlemania 19.

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