Amit Shah takes fight for 2019 general elections to Gandhi bastion Amethi

Amit Shah

Amit Shah lashes out at Kerala CM says 'politics of violence' is in the nature of communists

Addressing a public rally in Amethi, Irani said "Around 3 and a half years ago, when I had come to Amethi, I was welcomed here". What have you done for the people of Amethi, who gave you nothing but their whole-hearted support and love?

"We are going to come to you in 2019 and ask for your vote", said Shah.

The Congress vice-president again targetted Amit Shah's controversy-ridden son Jay Shah and said, "Have you heard of Start up India?" Three generations of the Gandhis abandoned Amethi.

Rahul also targeted Modi government's policy on loans, saying, "Modi government's new model is a model for industrialists.

Shah also drew parallels between Adityanath and Modi. "This jodi (pair) will together develop the state fully".

Amit Shah: He is mocking at the development in Gujarat. This will give him an advantage over PM Modi who has never deigned to subject himself to a press conference in the three years that he has been in power.

Summary: The first was to nominate Rahul Gandhi as next AICC president and the second to leave the appointment of the state Congress president to the AICC president.

"It is not his fault but that of the Italian glasses he wears over his eyes", the monk-turned-politician, known for his acerbic and direct attacks on his opponents, said and dared the Congress leader over the Samrat cycle factory land. "You can not see things from the Indian perspective", he said.

"Being Amethi's didi (elder sister) has been my biggest fortune", she said, adding, "We sisters are not egoistic". In doing so, he lobbed back the disparaging sobriquet of "shehzada" (young prince) that the BJP often uses to highlight his family's dynastic hold over the Congress.

Every candidate running for the top post needs to get his name jointly proposed by 10 Pradesh Congress Committee delegates and the proposal should reach on or before such a date fixed by CWC, according to the party constitution.

Castigating the Congress vice president for his criticism of the BJP-led government, Union Minister Irani demanded answers for the lack of development in Gandhi's own constituency Amethi.

"Congress doesn't love India".

CM Yogi Adityanath said he is trying to develop Amethi and the entire state, media reported. "In rural areas, we have provided homes to over 8 lakh people".

He also said that the land will either be used towards enterprise, or be returned to the farmers, but would not allow a foundation or family to have it.

Amethi has traditionally been a Congress bastion but witnessed a high-pitched electoral battle between Rahul Gandhi and Irani in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Citing Congress' internal fighting in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and several other places, Irani said that a party that can't manage its own house can hardly be expected to run an entire nation.

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