Genetic test could help those at risk of breast cancer

Laura Hicks

Genetic test could help those at risk of breast cancer

DNS: What is dense breast tissue, and how does a patient know she has it?

And for many patients missed work meant missed income. BRCA for the record, has been christened the "Angelina Jolie Gene", when she revealed that she had gone through breast cancer surgery. Statistics show one in eight American women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis sometime in her lifetime.

Generally, according to the Cancer Institute, women have ductal carcinoma, a cancer that begins in the cells that line the breast ducts. In reality a tiny minority will have a much higher risk (70 per cent or more) while some, thanks to their genes and lifestyle, are unlikely ever to have a problem.

"Your chances of survival increase with early detection, also your prognosis is usually better, and then you have a wider array of treatments when you catch it earlier", she said.

DNS: How new is the ABUS? One of the most important things to remember is that there are options.

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Elliot said, "We do a program called 'Show-Me Healthy Women'". The researchers found that mutations of 18 SNPs were indicative of breast cancer risk for women who did not carry BRCA1/2 mutations. But we can detect which women fall into the high-risk category from their medical histories. Dr Amit Verma, consultant, molecular oncology said that 50% of breast cancer patients in NCR are in 25-50 years of age group.

October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month, but Enterprise's "Power in Purple" candidates are seeking to raise money for all forms of cancer before their donation deadline of Oct. 15.

The case-control study recruited 451 women (112 with BRCA1/2 mutations) with a family history of breast cancer who had developed breast cancer.

DNS: Are you still accepting participants for the three-year clinical trial on the effectiveness of ABUS? Most research has been done on the "gut" microbiome, or bacteria in the digestive tract.

The event included giveaways such as snacks and water, as well as flu shots, free EKGs and overall health information, said Donna Sabella assistant to the parks and recreation director. The report, the latest to document a long-term reduction in breast-cancer mortality, attributed the declines to both improvements in treatments and to early detection by mammography.

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