The Chilling Note Found Inside Las Vegas Shooter's Room

The front entrance to the Route 91 festival venue in Las Vegas Nevada

The front entrance to the Route 91 festival venue in Las Vegas Nevada

The crowd was approximately 400 yards away, well within range of the expensive custom-made rifles found in his suite.

Just how Paddock amassed such a large collection of high-powered weaponry is simple: There's no limit on how many weapons people can own, as long as they pass background checks. "Everything that he had, it took him days to finish", Bitsko said.

Despite Paddock being the only gunman, the officers recalled their anxiety that other people were involved after finding the extent of Paddock's arsenal.

The search of Paddock's three-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, was for "re-documenting and rechecking", said local police Chief Troy Tanner, who accompanied Federal Bureau of Investigation agents as they served the search warrant. Paddock had 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle, along with fertilizer that can be used to make explosives and 50 pounds of Tannerite, a substance used in explosive rifle targets.

Law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation confirmed to ABC News on Sunday that the note found on Paddock's hexagon-shaped nightstand contained such numerical figures. What was he going to do with those? A note was left on a table.

Asked if he ever visited the hotel pool, Paddock replied, "I do not do sun".

Where other mass killers have left behind a trail of plain-sight clues that help investigators quickly understand what drove them to violence, Paddock, 64, had almost no close friends, social media presence or other clear connections to the broader world.

The gunman checked into the room days in advance, stocked a cache of weapons there and set up cameras inside his hotel suite and in the hallway.

Police don't know if the devices were transmitting - the FBI is investigating their use - but the Clark County sheriff said he thinks Paddock might have used them to watch for people approaching his room.

"Was he doing pre-surveillance? This is all conjecture at this point", Lombardo said.

According to multiple reports, Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock had two rooms reserved overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. "It just looked like nearly a gun store", he said. He said his employee and Paddock talked about how the customer wanted to use them for a tactical gun competition.

Officer Casey Clarkson was helping people escape gun fire when he was struck in the neck by shrapnel. Campos had been investigating an alarm that went off in another room on the same floor, signaling that a door had been left open.

"Then immediately, upon being injured, he notified security", Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said of the hotel guard at a Monday evening briefing.

Vice President Mike Pence appeared at a prayer service in Las Vegas on Saturday to mourn the victims of last weekend's concert shooting and to praise those who risked their lives to save others.

The initial police timeline said that the first two officers to respond arrived on Paddock's floor at 10:17 p.m.

When the gunfire stopped, officer Newton stood behind the door with only a single police shield for protection, while a SWAT officer, Levi Hancock, prepared to blow open the door with explosives.

As more than 100 investigators dig for answers, police aren't sure what turned a retired accountant into a mass killer.

Wynn said Paddock didn't run up debts or have a gambling problem, and he had "the most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine".

Danley flew Tuesday to Los Angeles from the Philippines and has been cooperating with authorities, Rouse said.

Danley did not say Wednesday how much money Paddock wired her.

Sometimes, he paid the woman roughly $7,500 an encounter to play out rape fantasies, where he tied her up and instructed her to "scream" for help, she said.

She said she loved Paddock as a "kind, caring, quiet man" and hoped they would have a future together. The FBI is working with Philippine authorities to get more details. "Anything I can do to help ease suffering and help in any way, I will do".

Also Sunday, federal investigators returned to Paddock's southern Nevada house for what the local police chief called "re-documenting and rechecking".

"I would not make that assumption" about speeding up the timeline.

Police tape blocks off the home of Stephen Craig Paddock in Mesquite, Nev.

Media captionPolice officers who entered the Las Vegas gunman's hotel room describe what they saw.

Numerous guns found in the hotel room were traced to a Sportsman's Warehouse store in Reno, the source said. "It's troublesome for the amount of stuff he had at both residences unassisted".

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