Trump weighs in on Jemele Hill's ESPN suspension

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She tweeted a night earlier that fans should boycott Dallas Cowboys advertisers if they're upset with owner Jerry Jones threatening to bench players who are "disrespectful to the flag".

The White House called for Hill to be fired after that incident, saying her tweets were "outrageous". Barrie was scheduled to host the show from 7 9 p.m.

Followers responded to the tweet, some agreeing with Hill that advertisers should be boycotted, with others providing arguments against the idea.

The network released a statement on Monday afternoon on Hill's suspension. Hill had previously refered to Trump as a "white supremacist" in a series of Tweets last month. The Sporting News reported Tuesday morning that Sharpton plans a noon press conference outside ESPN's Manhattan headquarters. She was discussing the president's vehement sympathy for numerous white nationalists who marched on the University of Virginia's campus in Charlottesville, chanting anti-Semitic and anti-Black rhetoric, and whose actions directly led to the violent tragedy that fateful weekend. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy. Hill, a prolific tweeter, avoided an outright apology, but said she regretted she "painted ESPN in an unfair light". Understand? If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won't play.

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US Vice President Mike Pence, who attended match between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday, walked out of the stadium after almost 20 players of the visiting knelt during the anthem. He also theatened to end the "massive tax breaks" for the football league.

ESPN, already unpopular with conservatives, is now facing the possibility of a boycott from furious liberals over the sports network's suspension of host Jemele Hill.

Smith wasn't the only ESPN personality critical of the move to suspend Hill. ESPN however, would later address the issue with her.

She began hosting her own hour of SportsCenter in February.

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