US Box-Office: 'Blade Runner 2049' earns United States dollars 31.5 mn in first weekend

"Alcon and Denis [Villeneuve, the director] made an wonderful movie". But this was only ever to be expected - and isn't as disastrous as it sounds. The film reportedly made a further $50.2 million from worldwide markets this weekend, boosting its global haul to $81.7 million after just three days.

The film, like the original, tells its story more through stand out scenes and a beautifully bleak atmosphere than concrete plot.

Blade Runner 2049 has an impressive creative team and a stellar cast, including Blade Runner original Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. "Where we did do business was in the major markets". It features a trove of photos of his massive collection of props and memorabilia from Blade Runner, all of which he owns. What got in its way in theaters? However this may be my film of the year, and I plan on going again this week. Positive word of mouth could help it find an audience.

Villenueve proves he's one of the most talented and visionary directors working today.

Given the film's hefty price tag, Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Sony are probably reconsidering those sequels Ridley Scott has planned... although box office underperformance doesn't seem to have deterred the filmmaker from continuing his Alien saga.

Blade Runner begins with prose and ends with poetry.

The weekend's other 2 entries also came in soft at the North American box office. That alone isn't enough to explain 2049's struggles, but it does contextualize the sort of legacy-quel we're dealing with.

The final figures are still coming through, but it looks like the film is performing better - not much better, but better - overseas and is expected to take the No.1 spot in 43 countries, with a global total so far of $81,725,000.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe".

This is a movie to be seen on as big a screen as possible.

But box office is relative.

Denis Villeneuve's sequel takes place three decades after the original movie which is why Harrison Ford, 75, is seen as a much older version of his police operative character, android hunter Rick Deckard.

Critical accolades aside, word-of-mouth is what will really sell a film and Blade Runner 2049 is getting wildly varying audience reactions.

Given the $155 million production budget, that's bad.

Warner Bros.' horror film "It" moved to the third place this weekend with an estimated 9.6 million US dollars, pushing its total to 304.9 million USA dollars after 31 days in North American theaters. All the ingredients existed for Blade Runner 2049 to be a huge blockbuster.

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