US Policy on North Korea Has Failed for 25 Years

Donald Trump north Korea visit

GETTY VISIT Donald Trump may visit the North Korean border next month

On Saturday, Trump said US "negotiators" were made to look like fools and "only one thing will work".

Kim tightened his family's firm grip on the government, promoting his sister, Kim Yo Jong, to be an alternate member of the politburo, the top decision-making body over which Kim Jong Un presides.

We were allowed to visit a silk factory, the science and technology complex (computers are connected to an internal intranet, not the internet), an elite high school and an anti-American war museum, as well as an amusement park, restaurants and a dolphinarium - evidence of Kim Jong Un's efforts to allow citizens of Pyongyang, where the elite live, opportunities for fun. The patient, North Korea, will live and the world, our community, would be a healthier patient.

Dictator Kim Jong Un has significantly sped up the nuclear weapons program, which was started by his grandfather Kim Il-sung.

The North Korea situation has been precarious for the past few years.

In recent weeks, North Korea has launched two missiles over Japan and held its sixth nuclear test, all in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions, and may be fast advancing towards its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the U.S. mainland.

Later Friday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders declined to clarify what Trump was hinting at.

Saturday's appointment was a move by the current leader to ensure that his inner circle is full of trusted people, said Harry Kazanis, director of defense studies at the Center For the National Interest, an American think tank.

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Blacklisted: In 2014, Kim Yo Jong began working for the ruling party's propaganda arm and thus found herself among those blacklisted this year by the US Treasury Department for "ongoing and serious human rights abuses and censorship activities", per Time.

Her promotion indicates a generational shift, as Kim seeks to dissociate himself with his father's aides, according to some analysts. "He doesn't want to keep the same people his father had in place", he told CNBC.

Yo-jong has not escaped the attention of USA officials, who in January placed her and other North Korean officials on a blacklist for "severe human rights abuses".

Both were born to the late former ruler Kim Jong-il and his third partner, former dancer Ko Yong-hui.

"The large-scale personal reshuffling appears to signify both a changing of the generational guard after the seventh Workers' Party Congress a year ago and evidence of how seriously Kim [Jong-un] views the current situation", the official added.

The words have been met with action and further threats, with North Korea launching missiles over Japan and carrying out its sixth nuclear test in recent months.

President Donald Trump said Monday that USA attempts to deal with North Korea have failed for more than two decades.

"The reason why North Korea suddenly hosted the meeting is because it felt threatened by the global community's unprecedentedly tough sanctions, following its sixth nuclear experiment in September", said Chung Sung-jang, director of unification strategy studies at the Sejong Institute.

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