Don't Expect Any New Windows Phone Hardware, Features

Joe Belfiore

Joe Belfiore Verified account @joebelfiore

Belfiore added he had "switched platforms for the app/hardware diversity", but didn't identify which system he'd started using instead. Belfiore didn't reveal what phone exactly is he using but it would be amusing if it was one of the new Nokias.

Belfiore explained that "a huge, huge majority of our Windows/Office (and Xbox) users are mixed-ecosystem, and that most users have a different phone and PC platform. But building new features/hw aren't the focus".

When Father replaced his own baby (Windows Phones) for an outsider, who are you to question? Launcher will also offer Android users gesture-based support.

The announcement comes a week after HP had said it no longer planned to release further Windows 10 Mobile handsets, and a fortnight after Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates disclosed that he had already made the switch to Android. Belfiore confessed that in a tweet that they did a lot to incent app devs by paying money and writing apps, but there aren't just enough users for most of the companies to invest.

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When Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Mobile it was seen as the mobile counterpart of the world's largest mobile OS's last saving grace.

Windows VP and former Windows Phone program manager Joe Belfiore has confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer under active development.

Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Windows, Joe Belfiore admitted that because of the app gap, he had to ditch his Windows Phone.

Microsoft has been struggling ever since the introduction of Apple's and Samsung's operating systems, iOS and Android, respectively. After the the uber-flop of Windows Phone, it was hoped that Windows 10 Mobile would bring about a change in fortune. Unfortunately despite Microsoft's best efforts, their Windows mobile operating system never quite took off, which is why we're not surprised at the latest news. However, mobile-first meant focussing on Android and iOS, where users are. It was even hard to retain the apps which were developed.

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