Ex-Presidents Bush, Obama to visit Virginia for gubernatorial election


Ex-Presidents Bush, Obama to visit Virginia for gubernatorial election

Gillespie, a longtime lobbyist and former George W. Bush adviser, in a call with reporters Friday seemed to somewhat downplay the president's endorsement and said he hadn't been aware the president was going to tweet about the race.

The Republican candidate for Virginia governor, Ed Gillespie, is on the airways with another deceptive radio ad that accuses his Democratic rival, Ralph Northam, of voting for sanctuary cities - despite the fact that Virginia has none - and tries to tie that to increasing fears over the MS-13 street gang.

During the 30-second spot, Northam spends the majority of the time talking about President Donald Trump. One of Gillespie's ads even featured menacing men purported to be MS-13 members but who were actually prisoners in El Salvador, The Hill reports.

"Ralph Northam voted in favor of sanctuary cities that let unsafe, illegal immigrants back on the street", an announcer says in the ad.

Gillespie's add is wrong on two counts.

Trump's tweet underscores the GOP's desire to turn the nation's most important race of 2017 into a culture war.

Although the Virginia gubernatorial race is the only competitive statewide race in the current cycle and a test of electoral politics in the Trump era, most voters say they are not yet paying attention.

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That is likely why the campaign only chose to blame Northam's vote for "increasing the threat of gangs like MS-13", a vague allegation wrapped in incendiary rhetoric. That pattern has repeated itself in election cycle after election cycle, data from the Virginia Department of Elections shows.

McAuliffe, who is barred from seeking consecutive terms under the state election, embraced his "F" rating from the NRA when he ran in 2013. Sen.

That's why both campaigns are so focused on turning out their bases in the race's final month. Among all white voters, 67 percent want them to stay.

Throughout his Virginia gubernatorial campaign, Gillespie has touted his NRA endorsement, but has refused to disclose whether or not he would support the gun lobby's unsafe agenda that threatens the safety of Virginia's families and communities. She told pollsters she finds Trump insulting to immigrants and people with disabilities, and any Republican who wants her vote will need to repudiate Trump. That makes sense. Trump lost the state to Hillary Clinton by more than five points past year.

Top issues for registered voters in the poll were health care and the economy, followed by education and illegal immigration.

The NRA still plans the run the ads, but they won't hit the air until October 10, the same day gun rights organization's $1 million ad campaign goes live. Among Democrats, those numbers were negligible. As governor, I'll propose legislation to ban them, and to enhance our background check system to make sure guns don't get into the wrong hands.

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