Future crossover between 'The Walking Dead' & 'Fear The Walking Dead' confirmed — NYCC

Season 8 of The Walking Dead has not yet begun we already know which side a certain character

Season 8 of The Walking Dead has not yet begun we already know which side a certain character

"Are we going to see a Walking Dead character's backstory play out in Fear The Walking Dead?".

The number one contender for this possible crossover would be Paul "Jesus" Monroe played by Tom Payne. It's complicated out here in the post-apocalyptic world, man. It's complicated. "What does that mean?" They stop and realize that she's been bit.

As of now, it hasn't been said which character would be visiting which show. Can Madison even exist without her children? Who is Proctor John and what deal has Strand made with him? Or maybe he's her new beau, sometimes it's hard to tell.

They cannot be reasoned with, therefore, Rick's wish to sort out things the peaceful way has gone for a toss. "Is this where Rick dies?" And I think he's willing to. Despite everyone's worry, she does pretty well on her own.

His death is something fans have been dreading for seven seasons.

A sneak peek posted on YouTube shows Alicia scavenging for supplies. Eventually, she stumbles upon a fast food restaurant.

But how could it work? "Or are we going o see a Fear The Walking Dead character show up in The Walking Dead?". Strand runs into some old enemies, who take him to the Proctor. Check that out plus the official synopsis for Season 8 below.

- "Who gets used to this?"

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Madison grimly and glumly accepts the paths of both her children. Alicia offers to help. But after he calms down he says that Madison and the others can still go to the dam.

The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead's hottest babes in pictures. He kind of takes counsel. Troy mentions he doesn't drink, which is interesting.

- "I'm tired and I'm hungry and I'd really prefer not to kill you". The very high pair finds this butcher in a drug den. He's visibly uneasy as Troy starts to walk fearlessly among the dead.

"The band's back together and this season is two big teams against each other". Bring back the walkers! "I'm not going to name them".

Ghost Train: Rise Of The Demon is one of the most innovative theme park experiences you'll find. "It's reminiscent of Seasons 1-4".

The crossover was revealed by Robert Kirkman during the New York Comic Con Fear the Walking Dead panel.

Naturally, then, a crossover episode is now happening. Not all but ... an uncomfortable amount. So we'll just have to wait and see. Share now in the comments! Want more news? Like our Walking Dead Facebook page.

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