Matt Damon makes the most unusual appearance on 'Kimmel'

Matt Damon makes the most unusual appearance on 'Kimmel'

Matt Damon makes the most unusual appearance on 'Kimmel'

Helmed by Waititi, "Thor: Ragnarok" is the first major Hollywood film for the New Zealand director.

While Waititi and Ruffalo were chatting with the late-night host from backstage in the green room, who made a decision to show his face again?

Also read: Thor Ragnarok early reviews: Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo starrer is one of the funniest MCU films; an absolute blast! "He has his own area that he's supposed to stay in". "They have snacks in here", Damon tells the camera. It started when, at the end of what Kimmel thought to be a bad show, he jokingly apologized to Damon for bumping him. Hemsworth is a great comedic talent, and it looks like Waititi tapped right into that to make Ragnarok something special. "We didn't ride Adam Carolla's coattails", a jab directed at the late-night host.

Blanchett said she enlisted the trainer of Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, to get her on a workout regimen, ahead of her having to put on her character's extremely tight costume.

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Then all of a sudden, a large Damon head was projected behind Hemsworth and Kimmel. When asked to confirm that the two go on vacations together, Hemsworth clarified that Damon shows up at his Australia house uninvited.

"I hacked into the system", he said. All four of those movies are distinct and special and I can't wait for people to see.

Turns out, there was a third guest in the backstage area: Damon, doing his best to one-up Kimmel in their ongoing feud. Thankfully, Kimmel had an "emergency screensaver" - an image of Damon and Michael Douglas in Behind the Candelabra.

Damon finished by pretending to eat Kimmel's head.

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