New Amazon Kindle Oasis is waterproof, has a bigger screen

New Amazon Kindle Oasis is waterproof, has a bigger screen

New Amazon Kindle Oasis is waterproof, has a bigger screen

Over the years, the Kindle has gone through a number of transformation (most for the better), culminating with the launch of the Oasis in 2016. In addition to these, it comes with the WhisperSync feature from Kindle's mobile apps that will let you pair your ebook with Audible so you can switch from reading to listening on the fly. You can make the display invert black and white, giving it a black background and white text.

You'll then be able to connect your Kindle to your auto, speaker or Bluetooth headphones, with syncing between the two, meaning you can flip straight from reading to listening and back again. But I'd imagine it being much more convenient to get through long books without constantly turning pages.

The device, which weighs 194 grams (0.4lbs) can be pre-ordered now and will ship on 31 October. The new font sizes and ragged-right alignment will be made available to the sixth-gen Paperwhite and 2013 and later Kindle devices. Aptly called the Kindle Oasis, the e-Reader has a larger 7-inch screen and aluminium backing.

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It took a while, but Amazon is finally introducing a Kindle e-Reader that is water-proof. That means it can fit 30 percent more words than before and Amazon says page turns are even faster. No, Amazon didnt resurrect the speaker or 3.5mm headphone jack that the QWERTY Kindles had. The IPX8 rating means it can survive up to 60 minutes under 2 meters (6.5 feet) of fresh water, and it can withstand splashes of salty seawater, too, should you be taking it down to the beach.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) announces the Kindle Oasis, a waterproof tablet with a larger screen that can handle audio books thanks to Audible integration. Here's what you need to know about the new Kindle Oasis for 2017. The bad battery boosting case has been ditched, yet the onboard battery has been enlarged such that the new device has more life than even the old one including its case. The original Kindle Oasis was most definitely targeted at the well-heeled reader, starting at $359.99. For the standard 8GB version that allows downloads over WiFi it'll cost you £229. Users can choose between an 8GB or 32GB Wi-Fi only model.

The all-new waterproof Kindle Oasis will cost £229 here in the United Kingdom and goes on sale on October 31.

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