Conor McGregor & WWE "Close" On Deal For WrestleMania Appearance

Tony Ferguson

Conor McGregor & WWE "Close" On Deal For WrestleMania Appearance

"Can he weather the storm in the way that Nate Diaz did?" Rich Franklin had become second fiddle to Anderson Silva at middleweight, but was too small to hang with bigger and stronger light heavyweights. "And I will put some pain on you, bro", Ferguson said on The MMA Hour.

McGregor's punches have finished numerous fighters since joining the UFC ranks but Diaz is the one person who has eaten all of those shots and still come back for more.

WWE has another plan if McGregor is unable to do the event.

"Whenever he talks about Joe Duffy now he's like, 'That's when were kids and blah-blah-blah so young and I didn't know what was going on.' It's like, when I fought (you), I'm pretty sure I was a kid and I didn't know what was going on". That's why Dana [White] is pushing the Ferguson fight. If the right fight comes up and the right money's on the table I'm sure he would jump in and go again.

Demetrious Johnson used a highlight-reel armbar to finish Ray Borg on Saturday night and defend his UFC flyweight title for the 11th consecutive time, breaking Anderson Silva's record. He ended up fighting, and losing, at 140-pounds.

"Given McGregor is just shy of 5'8" in height, it would be interesting to see who they would pit Mystic Mac against. In practice, that probably won't happen.

"He's good, obviously. He wouldn't be the interim champion if he wasn't good".

Conor McGregor & WWE
Conor McGregor & WWE "Close" On Deal For WrestleMania Appearance

"So Conor, you need to either (expletive) defend or vacate". We are just starting to talk and explore all the options.

'Dana, by going out there at the press conference and saying publicly that Ferguson has to fight Conor, that takes the momentum away from Diaz so that's gonna soften his stance on the 20 million'. The UFC has a pay-per-view scheduled on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas.

The Shield vs The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, & Braun Strowman. Like, he's an exciting fighter so it will be an exciting fight.

Or, it could create more interim titles. I represent Tony so I was really happy for Tony to accomplish that. It makes no sense to me. McGregor lasted 10 rounds in his boxing debut August 27 before the referee stopped the fight, giving Mayweather a TKO victory.

Recently, WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon said that McGregor's showmanship and box office appeal make him a perfect fit with the sports entertainment enterprise.

There's a UFC event next weekend.

On concerns over his size, the added: "What does he walk around at?" It is his 10th consecutive win in the division. By adding more weight classes, they run the risk of further watering down the product.

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