Facebook Inc (FB) Announces $199 Oculus VR Headset

Facebook Inc (FB) Announces $199 Oculus VR Headset

Facebook Inc (FB) Announces $199 Oculus VR Headset

At $199 - a price which will doubtless translate to £199, barring any major shifts in the value of the Pound Sterling between now and its launch early next year - it's no surprise to find the Oculus Go closer to the Samsung Gear VR than the Oculus Rift. Its name is Oculus Go and according to the makers, it's "super lightweight" and made of a soft, breathable new fabric.

It comes with a high-resolution fast-switch LCD screen and next-generation lens technology that could have input from Cork's own InfiniLED which was acquired by Oculus previous year to boost VR screen technology.

Oculus Go shares numerous same functionalities as the Samsung Gear VR, which is also developed by Oculus.

The PC-only Oculus Rift was the first of the new wave of headsets but has been held back by a hefty price tag of £599.

Project Santa Cruz, a fully 6DOF, positionally tracked headset got updated - which include fully tracked controllers that enable hand presence in the standalone form factor. This will reportedly allow the "Santa Cruz" hardware to offer owners "natural and unrestricted movement" while playing VR games.

In the coming weeks, users in Spaces will be able to create "Kits" (pictured above), which comprise of virtual objects, including toys, games, 3D collages, costume props and more.

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Rift is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Oculus' Rift has been here for years, and since its introduction, we have seen dynamic changes subsequently with the introduction of standalone VR gears. Oculus Dash is Rift's new interface that has been built from the ground up for Touch. Barra said that Oculus Go will land with day-one compatibility with the entire GearVR library, which may indicate that it will contain smartphone-level processing as opposed to something comparable to a high-end PC.

Alphabet Inc offers a rival headset, Google Daydream, that works with yet more smartphones. They will be available to order individually for £829.60, or in bulk.

The Rift bundle includes two Touch controllers, two sensors, and six free apps - including Robo Recall, and the Medium and Quill creative tools. "We know that the most important technologies don't start off mainstream".

"Today we shared two significant milestones in one of our largest areas of development".

With Rift Core 2.0, you'll be able to customize your Home experience-with toys, furniture, artwork, and more that you can place in virtual space as you see fit. For instance, you could put a game character right on the table in front of you, then take a photo.

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