Microsoft Edge now comes to iOS and Android Platforms as preview

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android

The user will have to sign-in using their Microsoft account. Here's what I think. Also included in the mobile version of Microsoft Edge is voice search, QR code scanning, and InPrivate browsing. That'll be changing soon, at least for folks who use Microsoft Edge as their main browser within Windows 10. Microsoft is planning much richer capabilities for moving between devices and bringing the things you're doing-whether it be the e-mail you started writing or the Web page you're reading-to the device you're using. From pulling icons to the phone's home screen to continuing working on, say a word file, from phone to a PC, this is truly a refreshing idea. The good news is that anyone can be a member of the Windows Insiders program and you can sign up at Microsoft's website. After all, the message from CEO Satya Nadella is about bringing work tools to as many platforms as possible. If you're an Edge user on PC, the ability to sync passwords is a nice boost, too, along with keeping your favorites from one experience to the other. Synced tabs and browser history are being worked on, but those will take longer to arrive.

Edge is also available on Windows 10 Mobile, but the vast majority of mobile users are on Android and iOS. This functionality works with photos, documents, and more on Microsoft Launcher. The feature is quite fast and instantly opens up the shared link on your Windows 10 PC, but it's definitely very rough in terms of stability at the moment.

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In addition to the browsers, Microsoft is also emitting a custom Launcher application for Android devices that lets handsets and tablets add Microsoft apps and PC sharing features directly to the Android launch screen. Other Android users can elect to try the preview today.

Microsoft is taking a step to make bridging your life between your phone and PC a little easier, at least for Android users. Parts of the browser are a bit broken now, but that should get addressed once the public release is here.

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