Hurricane Maria relief supplies finally on its way to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria relief supplies finally on its way to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria relief supplies finally on its way to Puerto Rico

Stories claiming so misrepresented an actual quote from an Air Force colonel.

House Speaker Paul Ryan will lead a bipartisan delegation visiting Puerto Rico on Friday, according to the speaker's office. The consequences of this are both predictable and dire.

There was, in fact, no strike.

The Puerto Rico Department of Health also put out an emergency order, allowing cannabis patients who are registered to a particular dispensary to be allowed go to any operational dispensary that they can get to.

Puerto Ricans, our fellow Americans, are waiting in 13-hour lines to buy water and gas.

As Puerto Rico drowns in debt, which originally was at 70 billion prior to the hurricane, President Trump is more concerned with how his less-than-adequate efforts in helping aid the island were received by the people and media. "Very good towels", Trump said. The only way to describe is apocalyptic. Today, it would shut down much if not most of the globe's electrical infrastructure. We have a responsibility, and we are failing them. There was little to no aid coming in, so residents cleared the roads themselves, made sure their neighbors were taken care of and prayed together in damaged churches. They ran for cover and looked for any nook to hide in. The will of the people of Puerto Rico is off the charts. When deployed, he continues to draw his regular salary from the city. When they do the autopsy, we'll come to the conclusion of the cause of death.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, testifying before the House financial services committee, said that he has "no intention" of abandoning recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

"These funds are urgently needed to get resources to families and communities that are still suffering".

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The lag in payment, even if the federal government picks up 100 percent of the tab, poses a problem for a government as cash-strapped as Puerto Rico.

"In addition to the immediate humanitarian crisis, Puerto Rico is on the brink of a massive liquidity crisis that will intensify in the immediate future", Rossello wrote.

He has helped the victims of Hurricane Maria in a number of different ways. We used Google Translate to get the English version of the original Spanish caption.

Thus, it should only cover recognized funding gaps in a fiscal plan approved by the oversight board.

Over the weekend, President Donald J. Trump praised his response to the devastation caused to the island of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, which left dozens dead and thousands without power or potable water. Rather, relief efforts have been stymied by a lack of local infrastructure and leadership from the top.

All of these relief efforts show Chicago's heart for affected communities, and this ongoing support has brought the impact of distant disasters closer to home.

FEMA. "Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria".

Puerto Rico was already suffering from a lengthy recession and its government was beset with fiscal struggles to begin with.

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