California fires: 88 still missing

California fires: 88 still missing

California fires: 88 still missing

Lending, insurance and title companies all have set up new safeguards to avoid costly missteps, including the sale of homes that burned to the ground.

Other programs suffer, too, including recreation and habitat for fish and wildlife, she said.

Until the flames are extinguished, many buyers are going to face extra hurdles in closing deals, brokers said.

PG&E has restored power to more than 93 percent of homes and businesses that lost power due to the wildfires, but fires in and around Sonoma caused power outages for 4,000 customers between between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Juan Hernandez, who escaped with his family from his apartment Oct. 9 before it burned down, still had his car packed and ready to go in case the fires flared up again and threatened his sister's house, where they have been staying in Santa Rosa.

"We're going to have a big demand for rental properties", said Gerrett Snedaker, a partner in Better Homes and Gardens/Wine Country Group real estate agency in Sonoma. However, one of the biggest issues facing the state is the climate. This was a risky move, but the roads were already blocked from all of the fires.

"It is hard to imagine that any significant level of tourism will resume anytime soon, despite that this is a magnificent time of year to be here", tour operator Don Rickard said.

Authorities are increasingly optimistic that they have turned the tide in their week-long battle against the deadliest wildfires in California's history.

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Residents of the town are trying. Three helicopters repeatedly dipped water buckets into a reservoir and made drops to stop flames from crawling downhill toward historic wineries in the Napa Valley. Most of those who died were in Sonoma County.

Some climate and forestry experts have said global warming is a factor in the increasing number of fires because it's contributing to the hot, dry weather.

By 2:00 a.m., hurricane-force gusts carried the inferno across Highway 101 and by the early hours of Monday morning, it reached Coffey Park, a populated area of Santa Rosa, razing much of the area. "And I didn't need to do that, I needed to focus on who specifically needed help".

Unlike earthquakes that unleash destruction in seconds, the wildfires are dragging on, compounding worries for residents. Nearly 100,000 were evacuated from their homes.

As far as the missing persons reports, Giordano said they received 1,969 reports total and the sheriff's office is still investigating 27, while the Santa Rosa Police Department is investigating 26. But, if you rely on your heavenly Father for your worth, you'll not only be able to give thanks despite suffering, as these people in California did, but you'll even learn to give thanks for the suffering you experience.

California officials said they have more flexibility than the federal government.

"I'm worried", Plasse said. "It's gonna be a project". Many evacuation orders were downgraded Monday, allowing tens of thousands of people to return home.

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