EA is Closing Visceral, Overhauling 'Star Wars' Game

EA Closes Visceral Games Moves Star Wars Title to New Team

EA is Closing Visceral, Overhauling 'Star Wars' Game

Still, the creators of Dead Space were working on an action adventure Star Wars title. Scott Probst was given the reigns as studio manager and former Crystal Dynamics and Naughty Dog writer Amy Hennig serving as creative director.

Soderlund explains that the studio had begun testing the game with players, listening to their comments and monitoring industry shifts.

Alongside the new design, EA has chose to move lead development duties to EA Vancouver with assistance from other worldwide studios.

This change in focus isn't surprising as the new game from developer BioWare (a studio which also forms part of EA), Anthem, has similarly moved away from the single player story-driven experience that we are used to from the developer to a more open one, similar to what is now found in Bungie's Destiny games.

While this goes without saying, this change also means the games originally planned fiscal year 2019 release date is no more.

"Sales of "Grand Theft Auto 5" and monetization in the GTA Online game mode have been occurring at a faster rate than we previously expected", Johnson said in a report.

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This unnamed Star Wars game is being shuffled to a new studio and getting completely reworked according to EA. However, it will do so with a new vision and under the banner of a different studio.

"In its current form, it was shaping up to be a story-based, linear adventure game".

Sorry. That might now need to be a past-tense statement - they had another story-focused Star Wars game in the works.

Other rumours suggest that the game features Han Solo, or at least involves space pirates/smugglers of some sort - with a leak earlier in the year suggesting it has the codename of Ragtag. This couldn't have been shown any better than in Dead Space, where the games had an incredible action-horror mixture. That group includes EA Maxis, Bioware, DICE, and all other internal development studios.

However, as an unfortunate side effect of this change, Soderlund said EA "will be ramping down and closing" Visceral. As EA move into a new direction, the future is uncertain for any employee in the EA fold. Given Hennig's connection to Uncharted, it stands to reason that a decision to move this Star Wars game away from an Uncharted formula and towards a Destiny formula would not sit will with her.

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