Microsoft launches Surface Book 2

Nevertheless, all models feature USB Type-C port. There are new microphones inside the Surface Book 2s that are designed for better near- and far-field voice recognition.

The Microsoft Surface 2 13-inch will be available for pre-order in the U.S. and a few other markets around the world starting November 9.

Microsoft today unveiled a new Surface Book 2 that the company says is "twice as powerful as the new MacBook Pro". But if you get a 13.5-inch version with a dGPU, or any 15-inch version, you get a 95W power supply.

Finally, the misguided headphone placement is retained in Surface Book 2, meaning that the cord will often cut in front of the screen as you're trying to work or watch videos.

The Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse will be available to preorder from November 9th, 2017.

IT'S BEEN A WHILE since Microsoft put out any serious new computing hardware: the Surface Laptop was whipped out in May, but running a stripped-down version of Windows 10, and the Surface Book hasn't seen an update since 2015. It's only going for the extremely high-end. Along with the beefier CPU and graphics adapter, Microsoft offers up to 16GB of RAM and SSDs as large as 1TB. They also support the Surface Pen and Surface Dial for increased interaction and control options.

The device looks pretty similar to its predecessor, though Microsoft claims to have made tweaks to virtually every aspect of the thing, down to backlit keyboard and singular flexible hinge.

These are not entry-level models. But Surface Book with Performance Base came with a 102W unit.

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The Surface Mouse isn't as customizable as Logitech's MX Master but if you have been waiting for a truly ergonomic mouse that goes with your Surface, the Surface Mouse looks like the ideal option. Apple wins that one, but it's probably not a difference you'll notice.

The Surface Book 2 sports 8th-generation Intel processors, compared to the MacBook Pro's 7th-gen processors. The Core i5 models include an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU.

That means graphic designers, computer programmers and other high-intensity users are the target market for the top end versions of the Surface Book 2. The 15-inch will only be available in the United States. That chip boasts a 4.2 GHz Turbo speed and a 1.9 GHz base clock.

Of course, promises on a spec sheet are just that. The Surface Book 2 is the first of Microsoft's notebooks to offer the connection, and as you'd hope it supports USB 3.1 data, video, and power in/out.

The Surface Book 2 becomes available for pre-order on November 9, and it'll ship out to customers and hit store shelves on November 16. While you wouldn't want to buy either laptop with gaming as the focus (you can clearly get more bang for your buck elsewhere), this makes the 15-inch rig a tempting option if you don't want to give up your game library just to try Microsoft's removable tablet design.

The way Microsoft frames those high price tags is that it's making laptops for "creators".

"As a team, we believe that products are a reflection of the people who make them, and the people who use them". Apple's laptops have never been dominant in terms of market share - Apple now hovers around a 7% market share - but some estimates have Apple capturing 60% or more of PC profits. Some take issue with the Touch Bar, a touchscreen strip built into the laptop's keyboard. That's the exact same staring price as the original, and $200 more than a MacBook Pro. Earlier this year, Microsoft released the $999 Surface Laptop, a mid-range Windows 10 laptop aimed at students.

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