Some Pixel Users Can't Receive Texts, Google Working On Emergency Patch

Some Pixel Users Can't Receive Texts, Google Working On Emergency Patch

Some Pixel Users Can't Receive Texts, Google Working On Emergency Patch

It would be nice to be able to customise the setting so that you can do something besides call up the Google Assistant, as is possible on HTC's phones. But Google's Pixel 2 smartphones include a new feature for song recognition that functions offline for thousands of music tracks.

Google states that the Pixel Visual Core is a dedicated chip for image processing, featuring 8 Image Processing Units, with one Cortex A53 core, DDR4 RAM and a solitary PCIe lane. In low light, the Pixel's images have a bit more noise than iPhone 8 shots. If you go really dark, the UI flips to give you a dark app drawer, dark pulldown shade, and even dark app shortcut menus.

Though the WEC only ended their run on Thursday, the move into the UFC has garnered a great deal of interest and a new collection of competitors have already started to emerge as fan favourites even before they've stepped into the UFC cage.

Google has also followed Apple in removing the headphone jack from the Pixel - it hasn't been a popular move among iPhone users, and the same is likely to apply here.

While the Pixel 2's display is up to the standard of most flagship Android phones, we can't help but feel Google could have pushed the envelope more with the screen.

The SoC is currently dormant and will be enabled by the upcoming Android 8.1 update. Or you can now find us on iTunes, where you can download each episode and listen at your leisure. But it delivers a strong tie-in to Google's services, including those intended to fetch what you need automatically. The company's other adventures in phone hardware include buying and then selling Motorola, and its modular Project Ara phone, which never made it to market. After amassing a lengthy winning streak in smaller shows, fortysomething lightweight Antonio McKee finally signed with the big club and will make his debut at UFC 125.

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Rebooting is working for a few people, but not most. Those looking for an Android phone that takes full advantage of the operating system will love the Pixel 2 - that is, if you're willing to go out there looking for it. And in that it succeeds - mostly.

As well as holding some helpful tips, this section also allows you to directly contact Google with any technical issues you're having.

To find the Active Edge settings, head to Apps & Notifications and give Advanced a tap.

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So as you receive calls and your phone is lying on a desk, instead of fussing with volume buttons to silence or hangup on someone, you can reach over and give your phone a little pinch to make it shut up, at the very least.

The feature correctly identified paintings of obscure figures in American history at a museum in New York, and it knew which Starbucks I was standing in front of, out of several in the neighborhood. On the left, the image was snapped with a third-party camera app on the Pixel 2. We would have preferred it to aim for a bezel-less design, but that energy was saved for the larger Pixel 2 XL. Other device makers have realized that different sizes appeal to different customers, but Google's Pixel lineup offers a true choice, instead of a selection of compromises. If you say "OK Google" the phone will spring to life. A camera feature in the Translate app isn't as automatic as Lens tends to be. If you need an indication of just how important the smartphone camera is today, just look at the Essential PH-1, which tanked hard, thanks in large part to its poor camera. Now hold your finger on the target and a virtual aquarium will pop up, complete with your very own Android squid.

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