WhatsApp gains location sharing allowing real-time tracking

Above Whats App- Location Image Credit Paul Sawers  VentureBeat

Above Whats App- Location Image Credit Paul Sawers VentureBeat

In a move that will help women and kids connect with their families and friends as they travel, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has introduced "Live Location" feature. "Whether you are sharing a commute or letting loved ones know you are safe, or meeting up with friends, these are experiences that are very common to us all". Users can even set a timer for the amount of duration you want to keep your location visible to the users.

WhatsApp on Wednesday announced that users will now be able to share their location in real-time with friends on their contact list. If you're in a group and other people share theirs too, then you will see where everyone else is in the map.

The feature called Live Location should be rolling out starting Tuesday, Oct. 17, to iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users can now share their movements in real-time within the hugely-popular chat app.

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Despite being available on various other platforms like Messenger, Google Maps, Telegram etc. this feature might finally get a broader audience with WhatsApp's daily active user base of 1 billion. This time, it's ephemeral live location tracking for one-on-one as well as group chats. Now, WhatsApp just added the feature too.

WhatsApp has already started rolling out the new feature for both Android and iOS users eventually. But there are still concerns that allowing close reading of a user's location could compromise their safety, or potentially encourage controlling behaviour. There's also a "Stop Sharing" button to finish before the chosen time expires.

The new feature is end-to-end encrypted and allows to share positions on a per chat basis.

WhatsApp and, in turn, Facebook, aren't the first apps to incorporate some form of location sharing. If you send your location to group, members of group will begin to see your instant location through map.

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