ZTE Axon M's Two Screens Support Three Unique Viewing Modes

Image ZTE

Image ZTE

ZTE's latest device, the ZTE Axon M, is a new foldable smartphone, with two screens. "Their solution is to provide users with not one, but two 5.2" screens in the Axon M. Each display is a 1080P TFT FHQ Gorilla Glass display with 426 PPI. But, its design points to a potential future that's more interesting than today's lineup of rectangular phones, and instead offers foldable, rollable and stretchable devices.

However, if you don't need to utilize both displays and just want to use the Axon M like a regular phone, you can fold it up and only use one screen like you would with any other device.

ZTE will work with developers to help optimize applications for this new evolution of dual screen smartphones.

ZTE is imagining a number of ways you can use these two screens.

Extended mode: Creates a single 6.75-inch diagonal screen from the two displays.

Online reviews praised the phone for its novelty, but noted its two screens were bulky when folded together. The smartphone runs on Android 7.1.2 Nougat and is fuelled by a 3180mAh battery aided by Quick charge 3.0 fast charging technology.

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Additionally, the Axon M can be used in three different modes; Extended Mode, Dual Mode and Mirror Mode. There is also a mirror mode that shows the same content on both displays. According to AndroidAuthority, one of the biggest benefits is when typing the lower display can turn into a keyboard, allowing comfortable typing.

ZTE has optimized common apps for Extend Mode, including Google Docs, Photos, Chrome, Maps, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Pandora.

Under the hood, we get Snapdragon 821 SoC with 4GB of RAM.

Although ZTE hasn't revealed the price of its featured phone which will launch on November 17, it is expected to be cheaper than both iPhone X and Note 8. The device packs 64GB inbuilt storage. The Axon M is priced at $725 (approx Rs. 47,200) in the USA and will be exclusively sold through AT&T. It also boasts dual speakers and a 3.5mm headset jack. Is this what you thought of when you imagined what a "foldable phone" would look like? The rear-facing camera sports a 20MP sensor with dual image stabilization, and a dual LED flash, and it can record 4k video at 30fps.

Since there is no any confirmation regarding the launch of this phone in other markets, we could expect that the company will make this phone available to other markets such as Europe, China and Japan before the end of this year.

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