Yankees Part Ways With Manager Joe Girardi After 10 Seasons

Joe Girardi leaves the Bombers with a 910-710 managerial record since 2008

Joe Girardi leaves the Bombers with a 910-710 managerial record since 2008

Until Cashman holds a news conference and answers some questions - thus far he's only issued a statement on Girardi not returning - we won't know why a change is coming and what the Yankees will be looking for in a new manager.

It was during that playoff run that Girardi employed a three-man rotation of CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Andy Pettite. After the 2007 season, Mattingly was one of the three finalists to replace Joe Torre. The New York Post reported Wednesday that Girardi was set to meet with general manager Brian Cashman Thursday to discuss his future with the organization. They're rich! They're laden with stars!

"He just believes in every single one of us, and he shows you that", Alex Bregman, the Astros' 23-year-old third baseman, said on Thursday.

This is nonsense, of course. For Girardi, though, the effort was calculable. As more teams hired young intellect, those executives, having grown up comfortable with data, created and beefed up analytic units.

So what gives? If big, successful teams like the Nationals and Yankees don't want experienced, successful managers like Joe Girardi and Dusty Baker, then who do they want?

It's a sexy longshot, but a longshot nonetheless. Indeed, the Yankees, while not always great under Girardi, were always respectable and often competitive. In large part because he was excellent at managing a bullpen. "Let the next person do it". I seriously doubt it. Kelley has authored one good, solid season (2.64 ERA in 2016) and one horrendous, injury-plagued season (7.27 ERA in 2017) - with one year to go.

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Girardi served the Yankees well with his steady hand, as solid in getting the team from Point A to B as a combustion engine. It's becoming increasingly clear that nobody really knows what the hell "better" even means when it comes to managers, and that the best sign you are is that you have been. The key question is whether Cashman had a specific replacement in mind when he let Girardi go or whether he is working off the archetype with some possibilities in mind. Then again, keep in mind that was Dusty Baker's biggest issue going into his tenure, and he did a pretty respectable job in that regard. "He waited until it was four-zip". The pair had been meeting for days following the Yankees' loss the Houston Astros in the seven-game American League Championship Series. Perhaps limiting Girardi's interest in that job is the fact the franchise hasn't had a manager complete three seasons since Frank Robinson in 2006. He got mocked for using a binder.

But there's no reason, explanation or excuse for this move. Along with this continuing reboot, Cashman saw the opportunity for a fresh voice to help nurture this prized group, a character trait the Yankees didn't see in Girardi. It's also no secret that he has a special connection with players - look what he (and girlfriend Jennifer Lopez) did for Gary Sanchez midway through the season, when the young backstop was riding the struggle bus. Luis Severino and Greg Bird. The Nats could - rather, they need - to take advantage.

This is a very interesting scenario which is unlikely to happen, but if it were to happen there would certainly be many Yankees' fans who would be ecstatic due to the popularity Rodriguez still has with the fan base. How dare a team essentially fire the manager of a playoff team that won more than 90 games?

A former All-Star catcher for the Yankees, Girardi was at the end of his contract and said last weekend he had to speak with his family before deciding whether he wanted to return.

Lennon also is a Hall of Fame voter, a former Chairman of the New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America and co-author of "The Great New York Sports Debate".

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