LEAKED: Android Razer Phone spec-sheet tips ultimate gaming device

That's not to say that there aren't some notable changes from the Robin to the Razer Phone. It is just a matter of seeing whether they are capable of delivering a unique gaming smartphone that will stand out from the rest.

Razer is all set to unveil its first smartphone tomorrow on November 1 though the phone got accidentally listed in the 3G United Kingdom site, revealing what it is going to pack in. From what we know so far, the smartphone will sport a 5.72-inch IGZO display.

The highlight of the Razer Phone is its 5.72-inch Quad HD LCD display, which is capable of delivering the fastest refresh rates of any phone now on the market, making it ideal for gaming and watching shows and movies.

This is a phone designed specifically to reflect what the gaming community holds dear: sweet visuals, kickass sound and the ability to faff about in menus from dawn till dusk.

The phone has a pretty big battery as well, at an enormous 4,000mAh in capacity, so it could be a victor on that front as well.

It will also feature a technology called "UltraMotion".

The display department is where the device is touted to shine the brightest with a 120Hz refresh rate display.

Ultramotion is a nifty bit of tech that's pretty similar to Nvidia's G-Sync and AMD's FreeSync. It is the world first phone to be certified by THX. The switch to aluminum from plastic should also help.

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The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with eight gigabytes of system memory, or about as much as a Macbook Pro laptop.

The Razer Phone sports 64GB of internal Universal Flash Storage, expandable via the microSD slot. The battery capacity is also quite decent for a gaming smartphone at 4000mAh. Yes, this already has all the hallmarks of a short-lived cash grab (Asus Zenfone AR anyone?), but don't let that put you off: the Razer Phone has the potential to become one of 2017's standout handsets. It can supposedly charge a device for five hours with only five minutes' worth of charging.

Instead of using a glass back, the Razer phone uses an all aluminium CNC chassis.

The Razer Phone is a legit powerhouse, and you'd expect that from a phone that is made for gamers, and a phone from Razer. Either way, you get two 12-megapixel cameras, one standard, one telephoto, behind f/1.75 and f/2.4 lenses respectively. It also features seamless zoom with image fusion. To complete the gaming phone package, the 3G listing shows the phone featuring Dual front-facing speakers with Dolby Atmos. Nextbit alumnus and designer Scott Croyle may have left Razer just recently, but his hand is certainly visible in the design of the Razer Phone.

This high refresh rate is a technology Razer uses in its gaming laptops, and is now making its way into a mobile device. Razer is keeping mum on actual battery life estimates, but I'm looking forward to putting the smartphone through its paces once it arrives for review. Out of the box, it looks pretty much like a stock Android launcher, which is fine if you weren't hoping for anything more dazzling or space-age, as we've seen from Samsung and Google in their latest home screen layouts. It's meant to make playing games like Arena of Valor-the hugely popular mobile MOBA soon to launch in the US-an even more posh experience.

Are you excited about the Razer Phone?

Other titles taking advantage of the 120Hz screen include Tekken 7 mobile from Bandai-Namco, Square Enix' Final Fantasy XV Pocket and many more.

The phone will be priced at $699.99 in the United States, and preorders begin on November 1.

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