Razer Phone officially launched with the best display in the market

Razer Phone with 120 Hz display Snapdragon 835 and 8GB RAM launched

Razer Phone officially launched with the best display in the market

Razer, the biggest name in gaming laptops and accessories finally launched their much-anticipated device, the Razer Phone.

On the audio front, the handset will have Dolby Atmos sound and will come with front-facing speakers and amplifiers that are certified by THX.

Razer is the company known for making high-powered gaming laptops and now it has created the phone it calls "Razer Phone" with wonderful specifications specifically meant for gamers but also good enough for non-gamers.

It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and has 8GB of RAM.

On a mobile phone, a player would definitely experience the difference when even a simple title like Angry Birds or Clash of Clans would run at 120FPS whenever possible. For the most part the OS is vanilla Android but Razer has included its own Game Booster app.

The Razer Phone is equipped with the world's first 120 Hz UltraMotion display that delivers the fastest refresh rates and smoothest graphics among today's smartphones.

Price is a rather nominal $700 which is quite in the range of other flagship smartphone even though the Razer Phone sports several advanced technologies that the others lack.

The popular Nova Launcher Prime is the default launcher, one of the most customisable on the market, and therefore you will be able to make it look exactly how you like.

Razer - gaming company- unveils the first smartphone, Razer Phone.

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Razer is looking beyond computer and console gaming, turning their attention to mobile. The attention to sound will allow for a more cinematic mobile movie or gaming experience.

Gaming major Razer bought out Nextbit earlier this year.

As for picture-taking, there are dual rear 12MP cameras. It will be accompanied by a beefy 8GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage, according to the listing.

The Razer Phone is 8mm thick and weighs 197 grams.

It would seem that Razer did not have in project to create a smartphone that would transform into a portable console: one of the main rumors about the Razer Phone proved to be completely unfounded.

"Titanfall: Assault" from NEXON Co., Ltd. and Particle City, Inc.

We've had a chance to get hands on with the device before the launch.

If you are a passionate gamer who has already tested Razer's gaming devices, then you should definitely consider purchasing the new Razer Phone. Sure this could wind up being a great phone for your emulators, or that newly announced Final Fantasy XV mobile edition, but Razer is asking a lot of consumers.

For more information, visit the product page.

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