Flu Shots Available At County Health Dept.

And African Americans have a higher incidence of numerous chronic illnesses that weaken the immune system and increase vulnerability to contracting and experiencing major complications from the flu, as well as an increased risk of developing and dying from complications from chronic illnesses across the spectrum.

A new study in infectious diseases journal "Eurosurveillance" also zeroed in on this effectiveness of this year's flu jab, nothing that it was just 10 per cent effective against strain A (H3) vaccine, 50 per cent effective of A (H1) and 57 per cent against influenza B.

State health regulators confirmed Thursday that North Carolina has had its first two flu-related deaths of the 2017-18 season.

Health officials have warned of a potentially miserable flu season this year since the Southern Hemisphere was hit. "We strongly encourage people to protect themselves by getting a flu shot this season if they haven't already". Many students and community members are unable to get the vaccine, but those vaccinated lower the chances of the virus spreading to those who do not.

Flu vaccines are available at doctors' offices and pharmacies. "The more of us that can have the flu shot should take it for those who can't have it". If the symptoms are mild, Dr. Chai said fluids, rest and fever control is all that's needed. These are genes that represent common or ancestral sequences shared by many different flu viruses.

"The WRHA has made the decision to re-direct the public health resources from the clinics to targeted efforts to reach vulnerable populations that would otherwise have limited access to vaccines", the spokesperson wrote in an email.

It is crucial that students convince other students of the benefits of receiving the flu shot. "The fewer people who contract the flu, the less likely it is to spread".

In preparation for flu season, Walgreens launched its flu shot push in Pitt County and statewide by highlighting their Get a Shot, Give a Shot campaign.

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Every year, the flu is estimated to cause millions of illnesses, said California Department of Public Health (CDPH) officials.

"Many other defenses against flu are valuable and should not be neglected", Katz tells Newsmax Health.

Flu symptoms can keep students out of classes, Gray said. It lowers your risk of getting influenza by about half.

A flu shot is especially recommended for people with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, people regularly around babies under six months of age, and all health care workers.

Even if you aren't at a high risk of developing complications from influenza, your own vaccination could still be lifesaving for someone else.

When should I call 911 or be seen at an emergency room? .

· Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen.

Conventional vaccines have been shown to be less than 60 percent effective when they're successfully matched to the now circulating strain.

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