Mortgage lenders expected to pass on rate rise with immediate effect


Mortgage lenders expected to pass on rate rise with immediate effect

As the movement in the base rate had such an impact on me I vividly remember the remarks of the then governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King.

The pound and gilt yields slid sharply on the back of the removal of the line that interest rates may have to rise faster than markets now expect.

Interest rate expectations are always priced into fixed rate deals.

They've endured years of pathetic rates with returns on most accounts not even beating inflation.

But whether they announce quickly to get a PR advantage, or wait a week or so to take a considered view, savers won't be affected as rate changes normally take a month or so to take affect. It is also widely used by retail banks as a reference rate for savings accounts and loans, including mortgages.

But sterling fell sharply, down more than 1% to $1.31 and €1.12, as the Bank's comments over future rises were more cautious than expected.

Sterling tanked 1.4% against the United States dollar to trade at 1.305, marking its lowest level since early October, and tumbled 1.7% versus the euro to trade at 1.119.

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"The increase has no bearing on those borrowers who have fixed rate mortgages, which accounts for the vast majority of customers we have lent to in the last five years since re-entering the market".

The first problem these homeowners face is that the economy and housing market are likely to be very turbulent over the next two years as Brexit looms. This stands in contrast to September's statement, which suggested rates would rise at a faster pace than the market expected.

But the immediate impact of the rate hike will be less widespread than it would have been in prior years as a growing number - now 4.4 million - were on fixed rate deals. site averages tend to be volatile - they help consumers see the movement of rates day to day.

Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre (ESPC) sell numerous houses on the market in the capital.

"Assuming the inflation outlook stabilises, we think this is the first, and last, interest rate hike we will see for a while". Those deals stay till that tranche is gone, so if rates do rise, there's still a window of opportunity for the next couple of weeks to get current cheap deals.

"We estimate one in 10 of our clients with a mortgage will end up with a deficit budget, and some households will need support to adjust", said Mike O'Connor.
"Luckily we sought advice through a broker who assured us a fixed-rate deal was best". That said, October retail sales are likely to be subdued as a result of the timing of half term and milder weather impacting high street footfall.

"That has become less and less the case over time including through the course of this year".

'It's been at record lows for so long but things are going up in the future.

But what we do know for certain is that mortgage deals are now cheap, and long-term security in a time of uncertainty is something that might be worth looking into.

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