Xbox One X Review Roundup

Okay, so playing Xbox 360 titles on an Xbox One is a cool feature but not something that you might call essential.

My trusty Xbox One has done the trick up to now. The regular Xbox One X consoles are still available for pre-order at various retail shops. Less clear is Microsoft's talk of VR, with no headset shown or mentioned. By the way, that sequence is almost good enough to make you put the Xbox One X into energy-saving mode all the time... before you realise that'll limit your ability to download X Enhancements overnight. On the other hand, all games do look better on the X1X and perform quite well.

It's strangely fitting that arguably the most impressive game on the X is Forza 7. In fact, the Xbox One X runs only a few degrees warmer than the One S during 4K-enhanced gameplay: both the One S and One X averaged within 106 and 112 degrees fahrenheit, while the PS4 Pro stabilized around 124 degrees during our testing. Perhaps this speaks to the quality of the components. It's the more affordable console, plays all the same games, it's the 4K Blu-ray (player). It's hard to believe Microsoft exclusives like Gears of War 4 can look so good and run so smoothly on a box that costs less than half of what you'd pay for a high-end gaming PC.

But at nearly £500, is it a worthwhile investment?

First, you want a USB 3.0 external hard drive, ideally one with a larger capacity.

It's worth noting that not every already-released game that's been flagged for Xbox One X enhancements will be ready for launch. That being said, the controller that is included is by no means a junker.

"In some instances comparing textures between the two Xbox consoles was night and day".

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So is 4K gaming as amazing as advertised?

"One thing to note: buy an external drive for the Xbox One X". Technical Wizardry With vapor chamber cooling, impressive memory, and so much more going on under the hood even after experiencing both Xbox One X enhanced titles and those still waiting on patches there was one aspect of the X that took us by surprise and solidified it as the next step forward for Microsoft and Xbox.

Some of the Xbox One X enhanced games coming include Madden 18, Minecraft, Middle Earth Shadow of War, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Assassin's Creed Origins. The games will still work on any XBOX One model however the displaying image on your TV will be a true 4K HDR resolution and not an upscaled one. My UHD copy of Spider-Man Homecoming was astonishingly crisp, and the colorful film really pops in 4K.

All of that's handled through the newly deployed dashboard overhaul, which is standard across all Xbox One consoles. But now most third-party games will undoubtedly run best on Xbox One X, which could convert those looking for the premium experience. Ensure the option to 'Keep my games & apps up to date' is ticked. Chances are you're an early-adopter gadget freak anyway if you already dove in on 4K. Your first stop to improve the ugliness is Settings, then Video output. And then I remember going from 480p to 1080p - the jump from so-called "standard" definition TVs to "high" definition. Granted, it isn't as lightning fast as one would hope. I went all in on 4K without spending thousands of dollars, which I'm told looks a bit better - sorry videophiles, but I'm not shelling out for an OLED set. With 50% improvement in HDD speed, this also meant my backward compatible games loaded quicker as well. In native 4K, with the high-res texture pack, and with HDR enabled. That is incredibly frustrating! This first-person puzzle game in the vein of "Portal" will be available for free until Nov. 15 for the Xbox One. In a couple hours of ninja killing I haven't noticed any framerate issues or oddities as a result of the emulation. I even calibrated it! This is certainly a big plus for those who enjoy the quieter things in life.

For some games, like Forza Motorsport 7, 60 fps and 4K will be possible, when the game's enhanced features go live. But what does that mean for loading times? For Microsoft fans, though, none of that will matter.

Microsoft has spent the past several years course-correcting, dropping the little-supported Kinect peripheral, lowering the price consistently, updating the UI, and releasing the slickly redesigned Xbox One S last year. 4K resolutions and HDR support? That internal hard drive, while not an SSD, manages to boost performance and provide that extra oomph that you expect with the X. It's the oomph that's promised when you turn on the X from an energy-saving state and are treated to a hype-filled Project Scorpio chipset startup sequence before the Xbox One logo itself.

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