Microsoft announces the end of its free Windows 10 upgrade loophole

Have you upgraded your computer to Windows 10 yet? And now, that last deal is coming to an end. In the footsteps of a Store update on Windows 10 Mobile, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 PC for Windows Insiders also picked up some more Fluent Design acrylic looks. The program officially closed for most people in July but included an exception for those who have needs requiring "assistive technologies".

What's Windows Analytics? The moniker is a catch-all for, at the moment, three different services: Upgrade Readiness, Update Compliance (in preview) and Device Heath (in preview).

The general Upgrade to Windows 10 FAQ page has also been revised to include the expiration date for this offer.

Microsoft has expanded Assigned Access, which restricts usage to a single UWP app, to now include multiple UWP and Win32 apps that can be configured from the cloud.

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One practical question is whether Microsoft plans to tighten its activation code and start rejecting the automatic issuance of a digital license for Windows 10 when upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on older hardware. While Microsoft is mainly targeting business customers with the Elite x3, nothing stops regular customers from getting it. It provides convenience to help you interact with the technology hands-free. The numbers change depending on who you ask, but StatCounter reports that Windows 10 still has not eclipsed Windows 7 in terms of percentages. The original version said, they will make public announcement before the ending date of this program just to aware the masses about this free upgrade program for the latest Windows update. It supports "simultaneous pen and touch" on compatible hardware.

However, as reported previously by this site, there are still a couple of ways users could download Windows 10 free of charge.

But Microsoft only recommends this for "advanced" Windows 10 users. Microsoft has already said that it has another pair in the planning stage: "App Reliability" (which pinpoints application failures in an attempt to reduce them) and "Login Health" (to identity sign-in errors). Microsoft has enabled customization of the cursor style, brightness, blink rate and character sets, as well as support for custom glyphs, transaction descriptors and marquee mode for scrolling text. Microsoft has not spoken anything regarding the actual installation process for activating the Windows 10 system in future.

We'd love to hear how these preview features are working in your IoT solutions.

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