Samsung mocks 10 years of iPhone with new ad

Samsung mocks 10 years of iPhone with new ad

Samsung mocks 10 years of iPhone with new ad

Being a Samsung user she didn't have to face to any of those difficulties. With its standoffish attitude towards the broader smartphone market, Apple's ultra-premium positioning is perfectly embodied by the latest iPhone X that started shipping last Friday, November 3. It hinted at the large display on the device aka Note 8. The companies never let go of a chance to mock the other.

The iPhone X is all glass and almost no bezel. The display manufacturing arm of Samsung provides every iPhone X display because nobody else in the world can make them. The iPhone X, many would say, maybe the first complete package vis-a-vis the iPhone.

The ad is entitled "Growing Up" and it features a flashback to 2007 when the iPhone was first released and somehow revolutionized the smartphone industry. Unlike the iPhone X, the Note 8 features a curved glass display with minimum bezels.

The corporate slinging match may backfire next year when Samsung unveils the Galaxy S9, which rumors suggest will be ditching the headphone jack.

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The notch is a half-inch intrusion into the iPhone X's "edge-to-edge" screen housing the smartphone's sensors.

After the Galaxy Note7 debacle, the Galaxy Note8 was one of the biggest tests Samsung ever faced in recent times.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro comes in Gold and Black colour variants. Google Pixel 2 XL too much beige filters.

Maybe there is something to the sentiment behind Samsung's new ad. The Note 8 again offers only average selfies. It seems that the South Korean giant will be focusing more on improving the dual camera system on the smartphone and the functionalities of the accompanying S Pen. By that time, it still wasn't clear whether bending issues were a telltale sign of a broader manufacturing problem or quality issue, but Samsung exploited it in the nick of time as a way to promote its rival phone. And it's polished in a way that it gives out the impression that the whole thing is one continuous sheet of glass.

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