Trump talks tough at start of key Asia trip

Trump talks tough at start of key Asia trip

Trump talks tough at start of key Asia trip

He presented the US with a hat embroidered with the words "Donald and Shinzo: Make Alliance Even Greater" - a play on Mr Trump's 2016 election campaign theme.

President Donald Trump lashed out Monday at the US trade relationship with Japan, saying it was "not fair and open", as he prepared for formal talks with his Japanese counterpart.

Each service member embodies the warrior creed, Trump said, adding their devotion, prowess and expertise comprise the U.S. military as the fiercest fighting force in world history. A senior White House official, briefing reporters on condition of anonymity, said the pair had discussed trade and North Korea - but didn't keep score.

Instead, Abe could shift the conversation to educating Trump on the dangers of his "fire and fury" threats toward Pyongyang and his "little rocket man" Twitter trolling.

He is warning North Korea's heavily persecuted Christian minority will be the first to suffer if Trump doesn't back down.

Both couples met for dinner that night at Ginza Ukai Te in Tokyo. And one of them later told investigators she'd been taught Japanese in North Korea by Ms Taguchi.

President Trump will indulge in a round of golf diplomacy with Shinzo Abe at one of Japan's most exclusive clubs.

"Our relationship is really extraordinary".

Trump will meet with the families of Japanese citizens kidnapped by Pyongyang's agents, seeking to bring their agonizing loss onto the international stage - and put pressure on Kim Jong Un to end provocations of American allies.

President Trump donned a military-style bomber jacket shortly after arriving Sunday in Japan and projected confidence that the United States will confront threats in Asia, telling hundreds of U.S. troops that they will have his administration's support "to fight, to overpower and to always, always, always win".

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Per the Washington Post, there were "about eight people" waiting to be cleared by security outside the room as the speech was beginning.

A Japanese official told the press that the dinner included Hokkaido scallop & white truffle salad; sautéed Shizuoka's ise ebi bisque; and Tajima beef steak.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has tightened his grip on power after the recent Communist Party Congress, while Trump is weathering some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency.

I think it's expected that we will meet.

Experienced politician and feminist trailblazer Ivanka Trump spoke at the World Assembly for Women conference in Tokyo on Friday.

The United States dominates the sky, the seas, land and space, the president said, not just because America has the best equipment, but because it has the best people. On the other hand, sending Trump home empty-handed would be to risk more unpredictable explosions.

Two members of the U.S. Congress, in a letter to the Pentagon, had asked about casualty assessments in a possible conflict with North Korea.

The president will address the parliament in Seoul but will not visit the Demilitarized Zone dividing the Korean peninsula - a visit derided in Washington as a bit of a "cliche". You saw the budget.

Colvin reported from Tokyo.

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