Campus Democrats Celebrate Election Results


Campus Democrats Celebrate Election Results

If they distance themselves too much from Trump, they risk a low turnout by their party's base in the November general election. Most of the districts Democrats won were solidly blue-leaning, so it doesn't necessarily mean Democrats will succeed in retaking the House next year on more Republican-friendly terrain.

In Virginia - the only Southern state Trump lost last year - Republican Ed Gillespie is in a tight race with Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam. The current occupant of the Oval Office running on flags, a return to harder hits in football, and a renewed call to "Lock Her Up" versus a generic woke capitalist Clintonite handpicked by the DNC?

Speaking of how the 2017 election could impact next year's midterm election, Andrew Prokop talked about that over on Vox.

In the Blacksburg area, Chris Hurst, a former Virginia news anchor whose journalist girlfriend was fatally shot during a live broadcast in 2015, defeated a Republican incumbent.

"Our team is closely monitoring the canvasses ... as we await the official results", House Republican Caucus spokesman Matt Moran wrote in the statement. Neither is able to find a compelling, transcendent message to take the country forward.

"It will just be a very different atmosphere [in Richmond]", Del. They didn't win the statehouse. "Savings and investments are good". Gillespie supports a cut in the state's income tax rate, less gun control and more restrictions on abortions.

Stewart said that State Sen.

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Trumps Gallup approval rating as of Nov. 7 stood at 38 percent.

Thats not to say that every president has suffered equally.

"Let's talk about those results in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, by the way", Hannity said, listing states that Democrats won, and added for the network's most prominent viewer, "Not states Donald Trump won".

Several other Democratic women also made history: Hala Ayala and Elizabeth Guzman will be the chamber's first Latina members, while Kathy Tran will be its first female Asian-American member. They are hoping it will all go away, and things will go back to 'normal'.

It was hardly a "wave election". "Our forefathers fought for them". She ultimately voted for Northam. The party also continues to be riven by factions, and its internal organisation is in disarray (as evidenced by this week's revelations from Donna Brazile, former chair of the Democratic National Committee). Maine voters approved a Medicaid expansion by a 20-point margin, a vote that was seen as a referendum on former President Barack Obama's health care law. That makes sense — but its a result hardly unique to Trump.

Gillespie has kept Trump at a distance but tried to excite the president's supporters with sharp-elbowed ads on immigration and Confederate statues. He wakes up this morning in a nation where a Liberian refugee is the mayor of Helena, Montana.

"I was really excited by the level of energy we saw from people on the campus - not just people who were active and regular members of the Dems, but people who really hadn't come before but were excited about doing something to make a difference", Freeland said. But what looks certain is this: GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie's decision to turn his back on his moderate Republican legacy and run as a race-baiting Trump Republican was a disaster. Thankfully, both Virginia and New Jersey said no.

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