Veterans Day: Honoring heroes, history, and the price of service

Veterans Day: Honoring heroes, history, and the price of service

Veterans Day: Honoring heroes, history, and the price of service

During the Vietnam War 2.7 million men were drafted.

The gentle, pleasant woman who helps you select just the right Christmas gift in the store cried about the men she could not save while she was a nurse in Korea. This policy was eventually nixed, and starting in 1978 the observance was back on November 11. In addition to any physical wounds inflicted by combat, a number of veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and report feeling disconnected and misunderstood after living with such a close-knit group during their service.

For the millions who have served - those who have not come home, those who have and those who have but who are caught in that space between here and there - celebration and silence are valued and appreciated.

Before departing Spokane International Airport on October 23, the director of Inland Northwest Honor Flight, Tony Lamanna, gave a stirring speech titled "Why We Stand", which clearly infused endurance and much-needed energy for the five-hour flight. Whether or not this is the case for you, it's worth taking a moment to learn about the holiday and the veterans who live among us.

In 1954, after World War II and the Korean War, Congress formally changed the word Armistice to Veterans.

" Many local restaurants are offering free or discounted meals or other complimentary items to US veterans".

Their service impacts spouses and children as well, and Veterans Day should be an occasion to be grateful for the sacrifices of every household that has sent a loved one off to the Navy or Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. They have told me in one way or another that the sudden silence was the Voice of God.

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Although we should honor our military everyday, Saturday our nation will honor those who have served when celebrating Veterans Day.

We are proud of our veterans and should remember their contributions not only today but every day.

Originally, Veterans Day was called "Armistice Day", established November 11, 1919, on the first anniversary of the end of World War I. We have watched as they have struggled with substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, depression and suicide. At any given time, only.04 percent of the USA population is serving on active duty.

Any superpower called to quiet a unsafe world must also remember the consequences of war. Americans don't know what they have; this country is great!

For far too many Americans, today is just another day, with the possible exception of it being a day they can stay out of work and still get paid. More recognition has been afforded to our veterans over the years, and the Take Me Home Huey project that visited Carson City this autumn is an indication that our veterans endured much in Indochina.

"I enjoyed myself at that time and those years are a lot different than they are today".

Tidewell Hospice has had the honor of providing services for over 13,000 veterans since our beginning in 1980, and now enhances that care with Tidewell Honors - a comprehensive program focused on respectfully celebrating veterans and providing care that recognizes the unique challenges that may exist in military families. America leads the way in giving individual freedoms and protections that allow for debate and ideas, even if we don't like how these ideas are being communicated or discussed.

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