Twitter Removing Verification Badge From Some Accounts

Twitter Removes Verification on some Users

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It also rolled out new guidelines around what behavior will result in the revocation of a verified status.

Spencer has always been a poster boy for extremism and became infamous after being punched in the face during a pro-Trump rally in January.

White nationalist Richard Spencer has been demoted.

Tommy Robinson, the high-profile former leader of the English Defence League, has been stripped of his "blue tick" on Twitter as the platform moved to crack down on far right speech.

Twitter has removed blue ticks from a string of controversial users after criticism of the number of far-right figures who have verified status.

These days Twitter has been in News for not so good reasons.

Now they're up in arms again, because Twitter has made a decision to un-verify the accounts of several prominent white supremacists.

Verification helps promote the accounts, with Twitter thus giving them semiofficial consent.

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Twitter previously made a statement around the issue, saying: "Verification has always been perceived as an endorsement".

Those guidelines are mostly in line with the rules already in place at Twitter, including direct harassment (or "incitement" thereof) and promoting "hate and/or violence". "When an account is verified, additional settings become available". By "unverifying" accounts, the social network is actually "de-personing" them, they pointed out. Others said they were being personally victimised.

Back then Twitter's vice president of user services, Tina Bhatnagar had said, "We want to make it even easier for people to find creators and influencers on Twitter so it makes sense for us to let people apply for verification".

The most prominent is Richard B. Spencer, the notorious racist activist behind the National Policy Institute, who asked in a tweet after losing verification whether it was no longer "ok to be proudly white?"

Whilst many of those supporters agreed with him others were less sympathetic.

While Twitter is promoting this clamp down as part of its war on hate speech, some are complaining that the company is trying to silence right-wing voices.

In the short term, Twitter will keep its verification system frozen while finalizing its "new authentication and verification program". Twitter also banned Tim Gionet who is popularly known as Baked Alaska on the platform.

In a series of tweets explaining the policy change, Twitter said that it's "conducting an initial review of verified accounts and will remove verification from accounts" who are found violating the new guidelines.

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