Israel ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to face Iran

French President Emmanuel Macron and Saad al-Hariri who announced his resignation as Lebanon's prime minister while on a visit to Saudi Arabia stand on the steps of the Elysee Palace in Paris on Saturday

Israel ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to face Iran

The Israelis are aware that Hariri's move was coerced by the Saudis, but are still having a hard time figuring what Riyadh's game plan is.

Asked whether Israel has shared intelligence information with Arab states, Eisenkot replied: "We are ready to share information if necessary".

Israel's army confirmed the contents of the interview, which was rare as Israel and Saudi Arabia have no official diplomatic ties. "Plan B is to fight Hezbollah in Syria", the source added. The worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen has been rightly described very recently by high-ranking United Nations officials as "the world's worst hunger crisis and cholera outbreak" for which Saudi Arabia and its enablers must be held accountable.

Hezbollah's activities around the Middle East have become a controversial topic in Lebanon, where a portion of the population opposes its monopoly on political and military power, its militant ideology, and Iran's proxy control of the country.

The head of Israel's military said in an unprecedented interview with a Saudi Arabian news outlet that the Jewish state is willing to share intelligence with the Gulf kingdom in its efforts to confront Iran, according to reports. A de facto alliance between the Saudis and Israelis changes Iran's strategic calculations considerably.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, center, meets with Brig.

Eisenkot added that Israel and Saudi Arabia are "in complete agreement" regarding the Iranian threat. We also see a drop in support for Hezbollah and there are also cracks in the public that supports Hezbollah, as well as demonstrations in the Dahiya [neighborhood of Beirut, a Shi'ite stronghold].

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Trump's first foreign trip took in Riyadh and Israel and his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner has reportedly formed a bond with Prince Mohammed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to the dramatic resignation two week ago, saying it was "a wake-up call to the international community to take action against Iranian aggression".

He warned that while the Islamic State "has been severely beaten and the elimination of the organization will come soon", its ideology can return "in the guise of other names and groups in Syria and the region".

We should avoid any step in which we in the West supports one side (the Sunnis) and Russia supports the other (the Shias).

WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib warned that the Saudi-led coalition's decision to seal off Yemen's borders threatened progress made in fighting the epidemic.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday accused Riyadh of asking Israel to bomb Lebanon, calling it "shameful". Iranian Lebanese Hezbollah proxies already attack Israel with battlefield missiles.

"Unfortunately, it seems that France has a unilateral and biased look at the crises and human catastrophes in the Middle East, and such an approach, intentionally or unintentionally, contributes to the realization of potential crises", he said. It needs to operate on its own terms. "That's something we have not seen before", Eisenkot said, referring to Hezbollah's stronghold in southern Beirut. Tehran is not only providing arms to terror groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, but is also transferring expertise, building weapons factories, supplying advanced weapons and investing huge sums in the various militias.

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