Zimbabwe's war hero turned brutal autocrat — Robert Mugabe

Emmerson Mnangagwa is sworn in as President at the presidential inauguration ceremony in the capital Harare Zimbabwe Friday Nov. 24 2017

Zimbabwe's war hero turned brutal autocrat — Robert Mugabe

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe won't face prosecution and is free to remain in the southern African nation following his resignation on Tuesday after 37 years in power.

The resignation letter from Mr Mugabe read out by the speaker made no mention of who he was leaving in charge of the country. "We need the co-operation of the continent of Africa", he said.

He added: "Now the question is, how do we end Mugabe?" The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, passed with bipartisan support in 2001, sets out strict conditions for U.S.re-engagement, including the lifting of targeted sanctions and debt relief. His modus operandi was more Bill Cosby than Bill Clinton, and his taste ran to men rather than women, but unlike the latter, he was actually convicted. Patson, who has also been active in denouncing Mugabe, thanked his brother for "sowing the seeds".

Many supporters carried placards thanking Mnangagwa for his "resilience and endurance".

Amnesty International said that under Mugabe tens of thousands of people were tortured, forcibly disappeared or killed in a culture of impunity that allowed "grotesque crimes to thrive".

"I am here to welcome my leader, our leader", said Nicky Chihwa, a 28-year-old student waving a national flag. He will be sworn in Friday. We really appreciate what he did. We still want to him. And what Zimbabweans and the world should consider is that he may be a harder task master than Mugabe. He has all these people with him. There was no Nyerere to depose Mugabe, and so Zimbabwe "liberation" was delayed nearly four decades and counting. But now, at the age of 93, President Robert Mugabe is witnessing his rule's historic end. We really have to give him a good-bye and we hope he will be in Zimbabwe. (Mr. Mugabe formally declared her head of the women's wing of ZANU-PF in 2014; before that, she had never held a position in politics.) In recent years, she had alienated powerful figures.

"There has been an agreement. He is our icon", Zambi said.

First, contrary to popular sentiment that the coup was meant to usher in a new era of political liberalisation and democracy, the takeover is actually meant to deal with a succession crisis in Zanu-PF. He greeted a cheering crowd Wednesday night. Traffic was normal and many people were going to work. Zimbabwe was famous for its tobacco production, and its weather supported year-round farming. All Zimbabweans are celebrating, we are so excited.

Meanwhile, recently fired vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa said Mugabe should acknowledge the nation's "insatiable desire" for a leadership change and resign immediately.

Members of Zimbabwe's parliament were jubilant at Mr Mugabe's resignation. "He was one of those people", Ngoma said.

And Mnangagwa isn't the only but. Dubai, Singapore or Malaysia are considered the most likely destinations. It wasn't a surprise that the megalomaniac was given to delivering Castro-length speeches.

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