Several churches, groups are offering free Thanksgiving meals in Homer

Several churches, groups are offering free Thanksgiving meals in Homer

Several churches, groups are offering free Thanksgiving meals in Homer

A Great Falls church is looking to help those who might still need a turkey.

"The church is quite interested in serving the community, that's really what we're trying to do - provide a service in the community that's not fulfilled elsewhere", said Michael Johns, a project volunteer.

NEW HAVEN - Volunteers crammed into the basement at Church of God and Saints of Christ on Beers Street Thursday, and prepared some 600 Thanksgiving meals for elderly residents and shut-ins throughout the city.

Up to 120 people were expected for the meal, which started promptly at noon in the social room, with 30 to 40 volunteers serving.

"There's linen tablecloths", she said, pointing to the brown and orange cloths draped over the church's dozen round tables, "the tables are beautifully decorated, and [guests] can be served with the respect and dignity they deserve". They spend the year gathering donations then the day before or the morning of Thanksgiving they cook and deliver the meals. The church has been doing this for 23 years. Visitors may be in need but they don't have to be.

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"They needed butter, so we ran to Hannaford and got a bunch of butter for the food, and just being a part of it is so exciting", she said. The meal is open to all.

Many of Christ's Tables' regular visitors showed up for the holiday meal.

This year, their son is in Japan where he was worked for 17 years, and their daughter had moved to Iowa.

Today, when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, let's make sure we do not forget to thank the givers. "This time of year, so many people need so many things". That's how many meals organizers are expecting to be consumed, when those picking up carryouts and having meals delivered are added to the 100-to-200 participants who typically attend the sit-down dinner.

Food, fellowship and friendship were served up Thursday as the Alle-Kiski Valley observed Thanksgiving. "But this is the first time our whole family has been here to help on Thanksgiving Day".

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