Master Gardener: Pick the ideal Christmas tree this holiday season

On busy shopping weekend thousands shop for perfect Christmas tree

Master Gardener: Pick the ideal Christmas tree this holiday season

Gone are the days of stiff, flimsy, plastic trees. Both are popular, traditional Christmas trees with good reputations for needle retention.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the fall season is on it's way out, it's time to dust off the holiday decorations. However, the farm's evergreen products have held up well this year, which he said is a good sign for their trees.

For the first time in Papa Noels' 37 years of business, owner Jimmy Coan explains a tight economy and less demand for real trees a decade ago hurt the industry. The inventory you're looking at is five years of inventory.

· Make sure the tree you pick has a straight trunk and will fit properly in your tree stand.

WAOW NewsLine Nine spoke to tree farms in Wausau who said the shortage hasn't affected them and their business is thriving. The quality of the tree and additional accents will affect the pricing.

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Even Target and Amazon now sell artificial trees designed for inverted display (to the confusion of some), although none of these examples include Westfield's additional innovation of hanging the tree high above visitor's heads. "We're seeing the repercussions of trees not going into the ground". "If you go to the lot you might want to shake it a little bit and see if the needles fall off", Howell said. To determine freshness you can bend the needles. In addition to the walkway clearance, you also need to be aware of the ceiling height.

Pre-lit or not? It's a yes for Sypeck.

"The biggest thing for coming and getting a real tree first off all they're fresh and it's a live tree and they'll last the whole season", said the owner of Wyffles Tree Farm, Rick Wyffel.

Knowing your spruces from your firs, trimming rogue branches and watering up to three times a day are some of ways you can pick and maintain the flawless Christmas tree this year. This means that if a single bulb on the strand burns out, the rest of the lights stay on.

Madison Trocolar, with three years more experience in tree-picking, somewhat agreed, "It has to be tall, and pointy, so we can put a start on top".

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