Take first strike off table to prevent a nuclear showdown

Whether or not North Korea has developed the capability of hitting the islands with a missile, state officials aren't taking any chances.

The first test of the old air raid siren will be Dec. 1.

"The closing of Friendship Bridge - closing temporarily this key land route, from what some reports are saying are, because of 'poor road conditions' - could just be an excuse and a very well-timed signal to Pyongyang that their missile and nuclear tests from the summer went too far and created too much tension in Northeast Asia", Kazianis said.

"Japan welcomes the position of the United States, which is that to protect Japan and South Korea, all means of deterrence will be used", said Kono. "So if they did launch an attack against us, the regime would be probably end", said Miyagi.

The decision to prepare for a possible strike comes after a heated dispute between the US and the North Korean regime.

News surfaced last week that Kim Jong-un was gearing up for a series of missile tests in a direct show of force towards the US. "If we save one life, it's worth it", Miyagi said.

"Everyone knows that they [US and Europe] are shifting all the strengths to this region [Asia], but why?" It's also getting the word out through community meetings and public service announcements.

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The sirens were installed after the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. - Trump was right on the money in restoring Kim's North Korea to the terror list. And they would test them every now and them.

Although the US has conducted successful missile interception tests, there is no guarantee that the Navy will successfully detect and intercept a target, HI-EMA warns.

No wonder the editors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists earlier this year moved the hands of the "Doomsday Clock" forward to 2-1/2 minutes to midnight, the most dangerous setting since 1953. The panel, led by Tennessee Sen. and Trump critic Bob Corker, featured testimony from a former head of the Pentagon's nuclear war-fighting command and other witnesses. "I suppose that's necessary as a precaution, but I don't think North Korea is gonna attack".

North Korea tested its sixth nuclear weapon in its history in September.

He said "who holds hegemony over Asia can hold sway of the world", and added there were few states "who can say no to the United States". "If we save lives, that's the whole purpose of our existence, and we're very passionate about what we do". Sergei Lavrov also asked Asian countries to be wary of the US' ambitions and motivations in the region.

Wang said the proposition is "realistic and feasible". "There will be no time to call our loved ones, pick up our kids, and find a designated shelter". Only in such a closed society, where the people are accustomed to being told what is "good" for them, is the distinctive context of politics totally missing.

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