Tencent and Bluehole are bringing PUBG to mobile in China

Tencent and Bluehole are bringing PUBG to mobile in China

Tencent and Bluehole are bringing PUBG to mobile in China

It's also important to keep in mind that Tencent is on the cusp of releasing Arena of Valor in the West, which in China is called Honor of Kings.

The mobile port will be co-developed by PUBG Corp and Chinese tech giant, Tencent, overseen by publisher Bluehole in its important strategic plan to enter the field of mobile games. To start in this country officially, you need to go through several bureaucratic circles of hell, for example, to customize the game under the Chinese cultural and socialist values. "Very soon, the majority of Chinese players will be able to enjoy the real game any time and anywhere on mobile".

The game is currently in EA Early Access which means that it's an unfinished game and is continuously developed alongside feedback from the community. Mobile is where most young people start gaming, and while China has a huge PC gaming audience, smartphone gaming is growing faster in that region.

A translation of the game's description says that Europa is "a web-based multiplayer shooting game using cutting-edge virtual reality technology".

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Of course, Tencent's mobile PUBG isn't going to have to compete against a lot of these imitators.

There's no mention of a PUBG mobile game release outside of China just yet. That could change over time, though it is hard to imagine that the final product will require nearly four times as much storage. The port will launch in the near future on Chinese mobile platforms. This is lower than the 100 players that PUBG and Fortnite can handle. It's called a "Survival Mode" and will be released in December.

Tencent's push for mobile comes after a number of successful mobile games under their banner.

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