'Coco' Dominates Thanksgiving Weekend at the Box Office

Coco’ tops Thanksgiving weekend box office beats ‘Justice League’ to a pulp

'Coco' Dominates Thanksgiving Weekend at the Box Office

The Justice League movie will drop down to second place at the box office in the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, as Disney-Pixar's Coco climbs to the top of the charts. This is one of the first Pixar films without any big stars attached, and that actually makes it better.

These vibrant visuals are paired with beautiful music by Michael Giacchino, one of the best current composers - from his Oscar-nominated score for "Ratatouille" (2007) to his Oscar-winning score for "Up" (2009) to more recent efforts, such as "Inside Out" (2015) and "Zootopia" (2016).

While people are going loco over the music and the colourful land of the dead from Coco, plenty of familiar Pixar characters and faces make an appearance to sweeten the deal. It's like I had been sleeping in a bed my whole life but had never used a blanket and this was the first time someone tucked me in.

According to Jason Katz, the story supervisor on "Coco", the backlash to the Southern California parent company's trademark attempt was tough to take in the Bay Area, where Pixar's Emeryville studio is located. Alcaraz, who had tweeted that trying to brand the holiday came across as "awful and crass", created the Mickey Mouse-spoofing cartoon "Muerto Mouse", with the caption: "It's coming to trademark your cultura". Coco pays tribute to the master in a unique way. The film, which centers on a 12-year-old Mexican boy who confronts his family's ancestral ban on music, has grossed an additional $82.2 million from foreign markets.

Coco reflected parts of me that were so hidden and personal that my heart recognized them long before my head did. Instead, the viewer is simply captivated by the story that is in front of them. Per usual, as soon as the clock struck 6:15, the lights partially dimmed and several obligatory targeted ads for various products rolled one by one, followed by about five or six trailers for some mostly terrible-looking kids' cartoons. Coco's cast includes newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, and Alanna Ubach.

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Pixar then set to work creating the film with a relatively small team of employees. With decorated skulls galore, I suppose I always viewed Day of the Dead items for sale as macabre, thinking they seemed like Halloween decorations as opposed to reminders of loved ones who have passed.

Frozen certainly made an impact when it released back in 2013. At one point during the interview, Katz mentioned his recognition of universality in specific things during the making of the film.

"Growing up Mexican-American, I know the transformative power that seeing yourself represented onscreen has", says Molina. And for us, since we invented much of computer animation, we have a pretty good sense of what our tools can do. But overall the movie is terrific. The animation is astounding.

Later this winter, Mexico Folk Art Gallery will feature an interactive exhibit and dioramas displaying scenes from the film.

For many moviegoers, this past Thanksgiving weekend included a colorful journey to the land of the dead, alongside a young Mexican dreamer and aspiring musician accompanied by his faithful dog.

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